Episode 47:

[Cut to army headquarters. A general is sitting at a table with two other
officers. He is examining a wedding invitation]

Officer: So what should we give him for a wedding present? [Liu Xiangzi
walks in the room. General Liu spots him]

General: Hey, Liu Xiangzi?

Xiangzi [walks over]: Yes, sir?

General: You've heard about Marshal Li taking a concubine? Everyone in army
headquarters has received an invitation. We were discussing what to send as
a present. Would you like to join in with us?

Xiangzi [smiles sweetly]: I have an idea. I'll join in if we give a flower
wreath (pun on Mulan's surname, Hua). The kind that is used at funerals for
the coffin.

Officer: You're one of General Hua's soldiers. But you're also a man. What's
the big deal about having a bit on the side?

Second Officer: Exactly. You have to live it up a little while you're young.
[To first officer] I hear that she's quite exquisite. Have you met her yet?

Officer: That goes without saying. The CP himself was smitten.

General: Well, we're all Marshal Li's soldiers. He's struck one for soldiers

Xiangzi [scolding]: Hey, have you even thought for a minute that General Hua
this evil vixen spirit has been promoted above her? And you just look the
other way and act as if nothing happened. Sheesh.

Officer [gets up and pats Xiangzi on the shoulder]: You're one of General
Hua's soldiers. This is how I see it. What man doesn't want his woman to be
graceful and doting, doesn't hope his wife looks after him well? Can General
Hua treat Marshal Li that way in their bedchamber? It's quite a feat that
Marshal Li has endured things so long and has waited till now to take a
concubine. [Mulan walks in the room and hears everything he has said. The
second officer spots Mulan and clears his throat to catch the first officer'
s attention]

Mulan [sweetly]: You said it well. However, might I trouble you to find a
more secluded place when you're going to make comments about me behind my

[Xiangzi smiles and approaches Mulan]

Xiangzi: General, ma'am.

Mulan: Take a message to Li Liang. Tell him to meet me here because we have
urgent business to attend to.

Xiangzi: Yes, ma'am. [He starts to leave but Mulan calls him back]

Mulan: Wait a minute. [She pulls him aside and whispers to him] Do all men
in the world like their wives to do everything they tell them and dote upon

Xiangzi: But of course. [Too late, he realizes he has put his foot in his
mouth. He turns and hurries out the door in embarrassment]

[Later, Xiangzi returns with General Li. He walks in the hallway and escorts
him to Mulan's office. She is sitting at her desk with her papers]

Xiangzi: General Hua, Marshal Li is here.

Mulan: Okay. Liu Xiangzi, could you please leave us alone? [Xiangzi bows and
leaves the room. He is aghast to see the general and two officers who were
sitting at another table earlier are all trying to eavesdrop on Mulan and
General Li's conversation. He tries unsuccessfully to shoo them away]

Xiangzi: What are you doing here?

General: We're just standing out here just in case they start fighting. That
way, we can fetch the chairman to arbitrate it.

Officer: Exactly.

Xiangzi [scolds]: You're all sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.
Stop butting in. Go! [He pushes the protesting officers away down the hall]

[Meanwhile, Mulan is discussing things with General Li]

Mulan: If you have no objections to these plans for discharging soldiers and
modifying the rationing, then sign here.

General Li: You've already planned everything thoroughly. I have no

Mulan [hands over a brush mechanically]: Then sign here. [General Li takes
the brush and signs his name on a folded piece of paper, then hands it to
Mulan] You can leave now.

General Li [wistfully]: Can't we just chat a little?

Mulan [sarcastically]: What's the matter? Do you want me to congratulate you
on taking a concubine, or did you want to compare your different feelings
for your two marriages?

General Li: Mulan, come home please. I guarantee that Xiaoqian won't affect
your place in my heart.

Mulan: In that case, I should be grateful to you. Tell you what. I'll bring
an adulterous man home with me and I'll guarantee that he won't influence
your place. How's that? [Smiles sweetly in General Li's direction]

General Li [looking hurt]: Well, I can't say anything to that. I hope you
understand one day that I haven't changed a whit in how I feel about you.
[He turns and leaves the room]

[Cut to Yiren's quarters late at night. Xiaoqian stealthily walks in. The
maid is asleep at the table again. Yiren is asleep in bed, too. Xiaoqian
again wafts the fumes from a small bottle under the maid's nose to make sure
she doesn't awaken. She then walks over to Yiren's bedside. Yiren stirs
awake and stares in horror at Xiaoqian]

Yiren: Evil spirit! What are you going to do?

Xiaoqian: Save your breath. It doesn't matter how you insult me or try to
reveal my intentions to everyone else. No one will believe you.

Yiren: What is your evil motive?

Xiaoqian: You'll find out sooner or later. What's the hurry? Tell me. Do you
suffer more when you're awake or when you're delirious?

Yiren: If you have the balls then kill me now! Otherwise, I'll make sure you
'll be overthrown like a turtle on its back.

Xiaoqian: Do you think there will come such a day? [She reveals a small
brown pill. She pops it in Yiren's mouth and forces her to swallow it. She
chokes and sputters angrily]

Yiren: Evil spirit! You don't deserve a good death! [She starts to grimace
and groan. She is soon unconscious]

[Cut to jail cell. Jili is sitting on the floor with a bundle of straw in
his hands. Words echo in his head from a conversation he had earlier with

Jili: It's been so many days since Yiren came to visit.

Mulan: She's been ill.

Jili: What kind of illness does she have? How come it takes so long for her
to recover?

Mulan: The doctor said her illness needs a lot of care to ensure a full
recovery. Don't worry.

[Jili starts to talk to himself]

Jili: Don't worry. Don't worry. Wait a minute. If she had only caught cold,
she would have crawled here if need be to come see me. What could have
happened to her?

Jailer [from outside cell]: Su Jili, there is a young lady here to see you.

Jili: Yiren? Yiren. [He scrambles to his feet and goes to the bars of his
cell to see Yiren, but instead, he sees Xiaoqian] How come it's you? Where's

Xiaoqian: Brother Su, haven't you heard that Yiren has contracted some
strange illness? Didn't General Hua tell you?

Jili [alarmed]: What strange illness?

Xiaoqian [smiles]: It's a delusional illness. It's very scary. When a fit is
upon her, she's like a possessed animal. Right now, she's tied to her bed.
No one dares get too close to her, for fear she will hurt him.

Jili [tries to grab Xiaoqian through the bars]: You must have done this to
her! It must have been you!

Xiaoqian: Brother Su, how can you say that I did this to her? If you don't
want to hear it, then I won't say anything. [She walks away and leaves the

Jili: Miss Zhuang, if you want to pick on someone, pick on me. Don't pick on
Yiren! Please! Get back here! [He rattles the bars of the cell angrily and
in great frustration] It's all my fault this happened.

[Later in the cell, the rest of the inmates are quietly sitting on the
floor. Jili is also sitting down. He starts to moan and clutch his stomach
as if in pain]

Jili: Help. Help me. [Two guards come to his cell to check on him. Jili
slowly crawls to his feet]

Guard: What are you making all that noise for?

Jili: My stomach, my liver, my pancreas, they all hurt! Get me some
medicine. [He groans dramatically and grabs a bar for support]

Guard [to second guard]: So what do you think we should do?

Second Guard: He's one of General Hua's favorites. Even if we aren't scared
of him we have to worry about his backer. Give it to him. [The first guard
goes to get the medicine. Jili drops to his knees]

Jili: Oh, it hurts so much!

[He writhes on the floor in pain and rolls to the far wall of the cell. The
first guard unchains the cell door and lets the second guard in. The guard
walks towards Jili and tosses the bottle of medicine at his feet. As soon as
the guard's back is turned, he lunges at his feet and drags him down. Jili

then sprints towards the cell door. The second guard draws his sword but
Jili kicks it aside, then grabs the guard's helmeted head and slams it
against the bars a few times. The guard falls to the floor unconscious. Jili
then grabs a stout staff and hits another guard in the head before attacking
a fourth guard. After dispatching all four guards, he throws down the staff
and hurries out of the jail]

[Cut to main courtyard in the Generals' Residence. Jili has somehow sneaked
inside. He looks high and low to make sure no one has seen him, then creeps
towards Yiren's quarters. We then see that Xiaoqian is watching him and
aware of his presence]

[The next scene shows Jili quietly entering Yiren's quarters. The door opens
with a creak as he closes it behind him. Jili tiptoes to the maid asleep at
the table and nudges her in the arm. She doesn't respond, so he nudges her a
few more times. Sure that she won't awaken, he walks over to Yiren's bed and
gently shakes Yiren]

Jili: Yiren? Yiren, it's me. [He shakes her harder] Wake up, it's me, Yiren.
It's Jili. I'm here to take you away. [Yiren slowly opens her eyes and a
silly smile creeps across her face. Jili frowns in dismay at the sight] How
awful. That woman has done such an awful thing to you. She has made you
suffer so. I must avenge you. I must avenge you! Here, let's go now. [He
starts to untie her bonds. Xiaoqian peeks in from the doorway and flicks a
small pebble at the teacups on the table. The noise wakes the maid up]

Maid: Mr. Su, what are you doing? You can't take Miss Yiren away. [Jili is
trying to support Yiren, who is idly bouncing up and down while rolling her
head around]

Jili [angrily]: If you don't get out of my way I'm going to hit you. I
really will! [The maid runs out the door in fear and starts calling for

Maid: Someone, come help! Help! Mr. Su is trying to take away Miss Yiren.

[Jili hustles Yiren out the door and down the hall. He gets halfway across
the courtyard when Li Liang appears]

Li Liang [surprised]: Aren't you supposed to be in jail? [Yiren is still
making odd faces and gesticulating]

Jili: For the sake of our friendship, don't get in my way! I'm taking Yiren
with me.

Li Liang: Jili, do you realize that escaping from jail is a capital offense?
Don't do anything stupid. Let her go. Come with me to headquarters so you
can turn yourself in.

Jili: I'm not going! If I go to jail again, that woman will be the death of

Li Liang's mother [runs in]: Su Jili! What are you trying to do with Yiren?
Let her go! [Xiaoqian follows close behind Li Liang's mother]

Jili: You're all blind as bats! You treat decent people as bad people and
treat bad people as decent people. I will never let go of Yiren so she can
hand over her life like this! Let's go!

Li Liang: Jili! [Jili pushes Yiren behind him to protect her. Instead, she
grabs his hand and bites down on his fingers]

Jili [howls]: Yiren, what are you doing? [Li Liang comes over and helps free
Jili from Yiren]

Li Liang: Yiren, let go! Let go!

[After she finally lets go, Jili blows on his fingers to try and regain some
feeling in them]

Yiren [furious]: I'm going to bite you! I will bite you to death, you spy!
[Li Liang restrains Yiren as she thrashes about]

Jili: Yiren, it's me, Jili. You don't recognize me?

Yiren [pauses]: I recognize you. [Starts bouncing up and down again] You're
a spy!

Li Liang: Yiren. [Xiaoqian watches on and hides her secret satisfaction]

Li Liang's mother: Yiren, don't be afraid. We'll take care of him. [To
servants] Take her back to her rooms. [Li Liang and the other servants all
grab hold of Yiren to bring her back to her quarters]

Li Liang: Be gentle with her.

Yiren: I'm telling you. You must be careful of this person. This person
kills people but doesn't use a knife (poison?).

Li Liang's mother: Yes, yes.

Yiren: You must be careful. Must be careful. [The servants start to take her
away] Must be careful. [Jili shakes his head sorrowfully]

Li Liang: Jili, you've seen for yourself Yiren's condition. Don't be stupid.
Go with me back to army headquarters and turn yourself in.

Jili [pushes away Li Liang's hands]: No! I won't do it! [He lunges for
Xiaoqian and puts his arm around her neck in a throttling move. She screams
in fear] Don't come any closer!

Li Liang: Jili! [He grabs Jili and wrenches him away from Xiaoqian, then
sends him spinning onto the floor. He speaks sternly] Jili, don't go taking
matters into your own hands. Come to army headquarters with me!

Jili: No! [He grabs Li Liang's mother and shoves her in Li Liang's
direction. He then makes his escape]

[Cut to Mulan's quarters are her mother's house. Jili's is climbing up into
her window]

Jili: Mulan? [Tries to swing his legs over the window ledge, then loses his
balance. He grabs at the tree branch nearby but it can't support his weight.
Both Jili and tree topple and fall into the open window frame with a
resounding crash. Mulan is asleep on the table and jerks awake at the noise.
Mulan gets up and sees a tree leaning in her window, then walks closer for a
better look. Jili picks himself up off the floor and surprises her with his
presence] Mulan.

Mulan: Jili?

Jili: Mulan, you have to save me.

Mulan: Jili, what are you doing here?

Jili: Because. Mulan, you have to go save Yiren.

Mulan: Yiren? You know about her now?

Jili: Xiaoqian came by my cell and told me. Why did you lie to me?

Mulan: Zhuang Xiaoqian? Oh no! You've fallen into a trap!

Jili [puzzled]: What trap?

Mulan [grabs his arm]: Come with me now! We're going back to jail.

Jili [refuses]: No! I want you to go rescue Yiren.

Mulan [scolds]: Go!

[Cut to army jail. Several soldiers march inside. Mulan and Jili are
watching from a shadowy corner]

Mulan: Those soldiers are all from the military police. Why are they on the
move? [Turns to Jili] Don't go anywhere. I'm going to take a look. Stay
here, understand? [Jili nods and stays in his hiding place. Mulan creeps
away. Off screen, Mulan is talking to the chairman] Chairman Chen, what has

Chairman: General Hua, you arrived just in time. I've been looking for you.

Mulan: What exactly happened?

Chairman: Su Jili escaped from prison and killed three prison guards in
doing so.

Mulan: What?!

Chairman: I never thought Su Jili would resort to such bestial tactics.

Mulan: Chairman Chen, I think until we find out all the facts, we shouldn't
rush to make judgments.

Chairman: General Hua, I know that Su Jili is your foster brother. However,
this is a serious matter. I doubt even you could cover it up.

Mulan: Chairman Chen, I think you misunderstood what I meant. I only meant
that we need to get to the bottom of this. I wasn't trying to shield Su

Chairman [nods]: Oh. Good. First thing tomorrow morning I will report this
to the Emperor and let him make a decision on the matter. General Hua, it's
the middle of the night. How did you find out about this so quickly? It only
just happened a short time ago.

Mulan: Oh. Um. I just happened to come here to pick up something from
headquarters. I didn't realize that something this serious had just

Chairman: Oh. I see.

[Cut to a storeroom somewhere. Mulan leads Jili inside]

Mulan: This is a quiet and secluded spot. Stay here for now.

Jili [looks around]: Mulan, I didn't kill them! I only knocked them out. I
didn't kill them!

Mulan: If I didn't believe you, would I have brought you here to hide you?

Jili: It's all the fault of that woman. That woman caused all this! Now what
can we do? [He angrily kicks aside a wooden bench and straw baskets stacked
on the floor]

Mulan: Jili, calm down. You once saw the SP and this woman having a secret
rendezvous. The nail in the SP's eye is his brother, the CP. The CP has
already been banished from the capital. You already reported her to Li
Liang, but he didn't believe you. Logically, you no longer pose a threat to
her. Why should she go through all the effort of making trouble for you?

Jili: She must be afraid that I will expose her true colors. But let's
ignore what her true motives are for now. The most important thing is to go
save Yiren, then clear my name of these murders.

Mulan: Don't worry. I will track this thoroughly to its source. [Jili takes
Mulan's hands]

Jili: Mulan, you have to help me. [Mulan nods] You have to help me.

[Cut to city street the next morning. There is a wanted poster on the
bulletin board, with several people milling around reading it. Mulan and
Xiangzi are at the rear of the crowd. They turn away sadly]

Xiangzi [sighs]: How could Brother Su have killed people? They must be

Mulan: They're not the only ones who got it wrong. I misjudged him, too.
[Xiangzi's attention is caught by the sight of Li Liang, Li Liang's mother,
and Xiaoqian walking down the street shopping. Mulan follows the direction
of Xiangzi's gaze]

Li Liang's mother: The preparations are just about finished, aren't they?
[She spots Mulan and saunters over. Mulan's mouth is set grimly when Li
Liang's mother smiles at her] Oh, Daughter-In-Law, such a coincidence to see
you here. Are you going to come home for the eighth? You need to let us know
ahead of time if you do. If you aren't going to be there, we can skip some
of the ceremonies and save ourselves the effort. For example, traditions
such as toasting wine and genuflecting before the first wife.

Mulan [shortly]: Save yourself the trouble. [She walks off in a huff. Li
Liang chases after her]

Li Liang: Mulan! [He follows her and Xiangzi down the street, leaving
Xiaoqian and Li Liang's mother behind] Have you heard anything from Jili?

Mulan: No. You go take care of your own affairs. Even if Jili knew you cared
so much, he wouldn't necessarily appreciate it.

Li Liang: If you see him, persuade him to turn himself in, okay?

Mulan: Turn himself in? If he really didn't kill those people, yet he has no
proof, then he'd be a scapegoat. Wouldn't that be a shame? [She walks off]

[Cut to storeroom where Jili is staying. Mulan walks inside holding a small

Mulan: Jili? [She doesn't see anyone. Suddenly, one of the boxes tips over
and falls to the floor with a loud crash. Jili crawls out of the box] Jili,
come on out.

Jili: Mulan, how are things outside?

Mulan: Um. Eat some food first. Here. [She hands the bag over to Jili. He
sits down at a table and opens it up to see two bread rolls]

Jili: Wow. Cool! [He takes a big bite out of it, then remembers something]
This is a scrape that I won't be able to wash off even if I jump in the
river, right?

Mulan: You can't hurry these things. I will do everything in my power to
help you shake this off.

[Li Liang walks in the door]

Li Liang [sternly]: The only way to shake off this crime is to turn yourself

Mulan [accusingly]: You followed me!

Li Liang: I didn't follow you. I just want to help him.

Jili: Don't give me that fake concern. That woman was almost the death of
Yiren. If you have an ounce of compassion you will go and try to save Yiren!

Li Liang: Stop changing the subject. You can't go hiding here and there
forever. [A sound comes from the front door. Everyone turns to see who has
arrived. It is the Chairman with several military police]

Chairman: Su Jili, you are under arrest!

Mulan [glares at Li Liang]: How could you?

Li Liang [protests]: But.I.

[Mulan storms out and Li Liang follows after her]

Li Liang: Mulan.

Mulan [with barely contained rage]: You'd best leave before I completely
lose my temper!

Li Liang: Mulan, I can explain. I didn't bring Chairman Chen here. [Xiaoqian
watches from around the corner] You and I have been comrades through thick
and thin over these years. We've been husband and wife for over a year, too.
Are you saying you don't know whether I really would bring them here?

Mulan [scornfully]: Comrades. Husband and wife. I trusted you too much,
which is why I fell into that woman's grasp.

Li Liang [protesting]: Don't lump everything that has gone wrong for
discussion into one big topic. It hasn't been entirely my fault.

Mulan [coldly]: Then we have nothing to talk about. [She walks away. Li
Liang is at a loss for words. Xiaoqian continues to watch from her hiding
place with satisfaction]

[Cut to throne room in the palace. Mulan is kneeling before the Emperor]

Emperor [angry]: Hua Mulan, the nerve of you! You harbored a fugitive and
didn't abet a murderer.

Mulan: Your Majesty, please don't be angry. I've known Su Jili for many
years. I know his mettle. He would never kill people in cold blood. That's
why I. [The Emperor interrupts her]

Emperor: Hold your tongue! The evidence that Su Jili killed these people is
as tall as a mountain. You dare try to hide him?

Mulan: Your Majesty, he was framed.

Emperor: You have always said that the law applies equally to commoners and
nobility alike. But when it comes to your foster brother, you throw that out
the window. How do you explain yourself?

Mulan: Your humble servant knows that I have done something wrong. Please
punish me as you see fit.

Emperor: This is a serious matter that demands serious punishment. However,
considering your long years of honorable service for the empire, I'll assume
you just weren't thinking. You are relieved of your duties for three months.
I want you to go home and think things through. What do you say to that?

Mulan: Your Majesty, thank you for your mercy. However, about the troops in
the mountains?

Emperor: I've already spoken with the two ministers about this. They will
handle everything in the future.

Mulan: Yes, Your Majesty. Um. Your Majesty, with regards to Su Jili?

Emperor: Su Jili's original crime was only a misdemeanor. We lost some items
from the storeroom in the fire along with damage to the storeroom itself.
But he didn't realize the seriousness of his crime. Instead, he compounded
it by killing people to escape. The evidence is obvious and irrefutable. The
punishment is execution by beheading!

Mulan [blanching]: Your Majesty, he's innocent!

Emperor [shortly]: Say no more. I have already decided. You're dismissed.
[Mulan sadly leaves the throne room]

[Cut to jail cell. Jili is in one alone now that he is a capital felon. He
sits in the straw on the floor. Chains wrap around his arms and torso. Mulan
enters the cell and kneels next to Jili]

Mulan: Jili.

Jili [looks up sadly]: Mulan, am I useless?

Mulan: What are you talking about?

Jili: When I was an immortal, I was stuck between Empress Wangmu and the
Jade Emperor. I couldn't please either side so I was cast from the heavens.
I ended up in the mortal realms. Now I've been framed as a murderer and
sentenced to death. I must be pretty pathetic.

Mulan: Jili, don't be like this.

Jili: If I don't act like this, then how am I to act?

Mulan [makes sure no one is overhearing]: I will find some way of rescuing

Jili [shakes head]: Don't. For my sake you've already offended the Emperor.
Really, you don't need to mind me. Don't mind me at all.

Mulan [sorrowfully]: Jili.

Jili: These past few days I've had time to think things through. I've had a
chance to really think things through thoroughly. Life or death doesn't
really matter much to me. [He starts to cry, as does Mulan] I'm only worried
that after I die, no one will be around to look after Yiren. But what
worries me even more is the fear that that woman will be the death of Yiren.

Mulan: Jili, rest assured. Yiren will be okay. She's a good person and the
gods will treat her accordingly.

Jili: She really will be fine? [Mulan nods and hugs Jili close, soothing him
as he sobs]

[Cut to scenes of Mulan begging all the officials she knows to plead on
behalf of Jili's case. One after another turn her down regretfully.
Meanwhile, Li Liang's mother, Xiaoqian, and Li Liang are gaily shopping
around the capital in preparation for the upcoming wedding. Mulan forlornly
walks the streets as she seeks out all the influential people she knows. She
walks by the gaily-decorated Generals' Residence. Bright red bunting hangs
outside to signify the upcoming nuptials. She continues on her way. Li Liang
's mother is busily writing out wedding invitations as Xiaoqian and Li Liang
look on]

[Cut to scene of Mulan sitting at a table in her quarters at her mother's
house. She is staring vacantly into space as she recalls Li Liang's mother's

Li Liang's mother: What? You want to take Yiren back to the Hua house to
recuperate? What, the Li family can't afford to treat her illness? You say
someone is trying to kill her? If you really care about her, you can always
move back home. I don't want people saying that the Li family brings in a
concubine but shoos away the first wife. If you want to take Yiren back with
you, you can just forget about it!

[Mulan comes out of her reverie when her mother walks in the door]

Mulan's mother: Mulan, it's late. You're not sleeping yet?

Mulan: Mother, don't mind me.

Mulan's mother: If I don't worry about you, who will? I asked you to write a
letter to your father but you refused. Now look at the situation. You've
half-lost your commission. You've half-lost your husband. What are you going
to do for your future?

Mulan [shortly]: Mother, I have enough on my mind already. Can you please
not talk to me about these things now?

Mulan's mother: Do you think I want to discuss these things? I'm only
reminding you. If you're going home you have to swallow your pride. If you
are going to remain separated then you need to lay some rules. You have to
take back all you deserve from the Li family. If we don't talk about
anything else, just the rewards you've received since your marriage should
be clearly accounted for. Now that the Emperor has relieved you of your
duties, you have no income. All the money you gave me before I've already
spent on socializing with this princess or that duchess. I really don't have
much money left for you.

Mulan [gets an idea]: Mother, since you bring it up, go see Li Liang
tomorrow and discuss this. Take as much as you can get.

Mulan's mother [eyes light up]: You agree to let me handle this for you?
[Mulan nods] When everything gets blown up, you mustn't hold it against me.

Mulan: Don't worry. Make this as big as possible. The bigger the better.

Mulan's mother: Good! As long as you say so, I'll follow it to the letter. I
'm going to make sure they realize that forsaking a wife has a high price
attached to it. [Mulan smiles]

[Cut to front door of the Generals' Residence. Mulan's mother pounds away at
the door and shouts for someone to open it]

Mulan's mother: Open up! Open the door, I say! Open the door! [She continues
pounding on the door, then resorts to using her butt to slam the door. As
she continues to holler, Mulan and Xiangzi watch from behind the stone lion]

Mulan: Come on. [Xiangzi tugs on Mulan's sleeve]

Xiangzi: Will this work? There are a lot of people in the Generals'

Mulan: Don't worry. My mother is gifted in the area of making a big fuss. No
one can hold a candle to her. If it comes to blows, then she's helpless.
Come on. [Xiangzi nods and follows Mulan]

[Meanwhile, Mulan's mother has finally gotten inside the Generals'
Residence. Li Liang's mother and Xiaoqian come out to the sitting room to
see what all the noise is about]

Mulan's mother: Li Liang! Li Liang!

Li Liang's mother: Hey, what are you doing here?

Mulan's mother: Tell Li Liang to come out here. I'm here to have collect a
debt from him. (In Chinese, "debt-collecting" is another way of saying "to
get back at someone")

Li Liang's mother [mystified]: A debt? What debt? The Emperor blesses this

Mulan's mother [loftily]: Who is discussing that with you? I'm not here to
account for that debt. I'm here to talk about real debt, silver and gold and

Li Liang's mother [puzzled]: Silver and gold debt? [Li Liang enters the

Li Liang: Mother? What's going on?

Li Liang's mother: Who knows? She said she came to account for a debt of
gold and silver.

Li Liang [puzzled]: A debt of gold and silver?

Mulan's mother: Stop playing dumb. Marrying my Mulan was a stroke of genius
for you; you gained both brains and wealth. Now that you feel like it, you'
re going to take a second wife. That means my Mulan has wasted her brains
and wealth on you.

Li Liang's mother: What are you talking about, gaining and losing brains and
wealth. Clarify yourself! My Li Liang never took any of her money!

Mulan's mother: Mulan received a monthly stipend from the Emperor. Well,
that's money right there. Not only has Li Liang mooched off her, but you old
hag has also skimmed off no mean sum.

Li Liang's mother: Li Liang is the great Marshal. Cheated her? Don't make me

Mulan's mother: Well, go ask your son, then. After they returned from a
victorious battle recently, did he or Mulan have a bigger reward?

Li Liang's mother: You're talking nonsense! When Li Liang was already a
general in the army, your daughter was still in the home village playing in
the river!

Mulan's mother [smiling]: So what? My daughter is talented and ambitious.
She rose through the ranks quickly. What's the matter, jealous?

Li Liang's mother: Is she a man or a woman then?

Mulan's mother: If it wasn't for Mulan, do you think he would have become
Marshal? Dream on!

Li Liang's mother: No, you dream on! [They threaten to start a fight, but Li
Liang gets between them and separates the mothers]

Li Liang: Stop it.

Li Liang's mother: You want to start something?

Mulan's mother: Come on! [They try to attack each other while Li Liang
restrains his mother]

Li Liang: Mother. That's enough.

Li Liang's mother [hotly]: You're the one that wants to start something. [Li
Liang has his hands full keeping the two mothers from attacking each others'

[Meanwhile, Mulan and Xiangzi have sneaked into the Generals' Residence
without anyone noticing. They tiptoe over to Yiren's quarters and quietly
open the door. Mulan gestures to Xiangzi to knock out the sleeping maid on
the table. He nods. While Mulan tiptoes over to Yiren's bed, Xiangzi picks
up a stout staff about the thickness of his forearm from the table. He uses
it to smack the back of the sleeping maid's neck. Mulan whirls in shock at
the noise. Xiangzi hits her a couple more times for good measure to make
sure she is knocked out. Mulan glares at him as if to say, "You didn't need
to hit her so hard!" She gestures for him to come and help her. He
sheepishly puts the staff back down and walks over to Mulan. Mulan tries to
get Yiren to sit up, but Xiangzi gestures her to get out of the way. He
swings Yiren's legs over the bed, then throws her over his shoulder. Yiren
giggles insanely and gibbers. He starts to carry Yiren towards the door when
he turns around to look for Mulan. He accidentally rams Yiren's head into
the wall, knocking her unconscious. Mulan winces at Xiangzi's clumsiness]

[Cut to Mulan's mother's house. Li Liang's mother storms in the main
entrance with Li Liang in tow]

Mulan's mother: What's the matter? You regret what happened as soon as you
had a chance to think about it?

Li Liang's mother [angrily]: Who wants this stuff? Hand over Yiren!

Mulan's mother [puzzled]: Your niece? Now why would I want her? Our son is
too young. Don't you think she's a little old for him to have as a wife?

Li Liang's mother [livid]: Stop pretending! Go fetch someone! [Mulan walks
in the room]

Mulan: What's going on?

Li Liang's mother [points a finger]: Good. You came just in time. Is it
because I refused to let you take Yiren so you sneaked her out instead?

Mulan [smoothly]: Popo, please speak reasonably. Who saw me take her away?
Have him come forward and testify.

Li Liang's mother: Um. Well, um. [Li Liang gently pushes his mother aside]

Li Liang: Mulan, my mother is only concerned about Yiren's safety. Please
turn her over.

Mulan: Why would I hide her? If I wanted to take things out on someone, the
first person would be that Zhuang person.

Li Liang's mother: I don't care. Hand her over.

Mulan: Fine. Since you're so sure that I have her, then go right ahead and
search. When you find her, you can sue me.

Li Liang: In that case, let's leave then. [He turns to go]

Li Liang's mother: Leave?

Li Liang: Mulan has no grudge against Yiren, so even if she does have Yiren
here, she won't harm her. [Reluctantly, Li Liang's mother follows her son
out the door]

Mulan's mother [smugly]: I won't walk you out. Have a nice day. [Li Liang's
mother glares at her as she leaves. Once Li Liang and Li Liang's mother are
gone, Mulan's mother walks over to Mulan] So did you really do that?

Mulan: Have you finished tallying up everything?

Mulan's mother: Just about.

Mulan: I'm giving it all to you. [She turns and leaves the room. Mulan's
mother is temporarily struck dumb, but then starts to admire all the new
items] In that case, I won't feel guilty about accepting it. [She sits down
in a chair and opens a box containing two jade bracelets. She puts one on
with a little forcing]

[Cut to Generals' Residence. Li Liang's mother and Xiaoqian are discussing
final plans]

Li Liang's mother: The preparations for you wedding are just about complete.
Everything is accounted for. [Face falls] It's too bad that we don't know
what happened to Yiren.

Xiaoqian [smiling]: Elder Mistress, I think General Hua is trying her own
hand and nursing Yiren back to health. Once she discovers that her own
skills are not any greater than those of the doctors we brought in, she'll
bring her back.

Li Liang's mother [sighs]: I hope so.

[Li Liang walks in the room]

Li Liang: Mother. Xiaoqian. Mother, I just remembered that of the guests
from the army, we seem to be missing a name.

Li Liang's mother: Who?

Li Liang: An old friend of Uncle's (the old Marshal) before he passed away,
the leader of the Flying Tiger troop, Tang Jing.

Li Liang's mother: Of course. How come I forgot about him? But you've
already sent out the wedding invitations and the date is so close. What are
we going to do?

Li Liang: That won't be a problem. I'll just deliver the invitation in
person and use it as an excuse to visit the Dragon City and kill two birds
with one stone.

Li Liang's mother: That's just as well. Go quickly so you can return soon.

Li Liang: Yes, Mother. Xiaoqian, I'll have to ask you to help my mother with
the wedding preparations while I'm gone. Please look after her, okay?

Xiaoqian: Don't worry. I will.

Li Liang: In that case, I'm leaving now. [He leaves the room]

[Cut to scene of Li Liang riding his horse at a gallop down the road out of
the capital. He soon arrives at his adopted uncle's place. He walks in a
tent with a general]

Tang Jing: Nephew, what brings you here? It's a long way to travel.

Li Liang: Uncle Tang, I came here to invite you to the capital to attend a
wedding banquet.

Tang Jing: Great.

Li Liang: Uncle Tang, actually, this is what is going on. [He starts to
cover a lot of topics (no dialogue)]

Tang Jing: Yes. That's doable. [They continue to discuss things (no

[Cut to empty field where Jili is going to be beheaded. His arms are tied
behind him with secure rope. There is a large flat paddle affixed to the
ropes behind his back. He is thrown to his knees]

Jili: I don't want to die. I don't want to die. [Xiangzi is part of the
crowd of onlookers. He nervously watches to see what happens next] No, I don
't want to die.

Xiangzi [muttering]: General Hua is almost there. Just wait a little longer.
Just have patience.

[The judge on the table before Jili throws down the wooden lathe that is the
sign for the executioner to behead Jili]

Judge: The time has come! Behead him!

[The executioner, wearing a bright red outfit, removes the wooden paddle
from behind Jili. It reads "The murderer, Su Jili." He raises the large
executioner's scimitar while Jili lowers his head]

Jili: Yiren. Good bye.

[He closes his eyes tightly as he prepares for the deathblow. Xiangzi shuts
his eyes, too. Just as the scimitar starts its downward descent, a masked
person appears out of nowhere and kicks aside the executioner. We see Mulan
is wearing a dark blue outfit and a black scarf across the lower half of her
face. The attending soldiers all attack her, but she manages to hold her own
and dispatch one after another. Xiangzi is elated to see Mulan's appearance.
Mulan continues to whirl and fight off about a dozen armed soldiers.
Xiaoqian is hiding behind a tree while watching the scene unfold before her.
She flicks out a small rock at the back of Mulan's knee, making her lose her
balance and briefly exposing her face when the scarf comes loose. Mulan
grabs the dazed Jili and runs off with him. The soldiers try to give chase
but Li Liang flings what looks sand or dust in their eyes as he hides behind
another tree. Xiaoqian watches grimly as the soldiers try to chase Mulan,
then turns and walks away. Li Liang continues to watch in concern]

Soldiers: Hurry! After them! Hurry!

[Cut to Mulan's mother's house. Soldiers have entered and are dragging out
Mulan's mother and the other family servants]

Mulan's mother [protesting]: I don't know where Mulan is! What did she do to
justify arresting her mother? Let go of me! Do you hear? Let go of me!
[Xiangzi is watching from around a corner, hidden from view. He hurries off
to seek help] Let go!

[Cut to hut somewhere. Jili and Yiren are sitting next to each other. The
latter is babbling softly to herself]

Jili: Yiren, wake up. [Yiren starts to giggle into space] It's Jili. Yiren,
wake up. It's Jili.

[Mulan approaches with a bowl of medicine]

Mulan: Jili, you can't rush these things. This is some herbal medicine for
healing her mind. I hope it does her some good. Here, you feed it to her.
[She hands him the bowl of medicine]

Jili: Thank you. [He takes a spoonful of the medicine and tries to feed it
to Yiren, but she turns away and ignores him. Mulan sits down next to Yiren]
Mulan, for the sake of saving me, you also ended up in the same boat. I
really, really feel guilty about that.

Mulan: How can you say that? If I was in your situation and someone had
framed me and I was about to be executed for it, would you come and rescue

Jili: If I didn't, I'd kill myself!

Mulan: Then why do you feel guilty?

Jili: Although you can say that and although I'm an immortal, it seems I'm
always the one getting into scrapes and you're always the one rescuing me.

Mulan: Aren't we sworn brothers?

Jili [sips the medicine]: Doesn't taste good.

Mulan [annoyed]: I made it for her to eat, not you. [Xiangzi comes running
in, hollering at the top of his lungs]

Xiangzi: Oh no! Oh no! [Mulan stands up when he enters] Elder Mistress Hua
has been arrested by the military police!

Jili: So what do we do now? Go rescue her, right?

Mulan: What's the use of rescuing her? So she can be a fugitive like us?

Jili [protesting]: But she's your own mother.

Mulan [sits down]: If she stays in jail she'd actually be safer. I'm sure
Chairman Chen will not treat her harshly. Besides, knowing my mother's grit,
she should handle it well.

Xiangzi: General, I'm pretty sure the person at the execution field today
who sabotaged your efforts was either Xiaoqian or one of her henchmen. But
then who stretched a helping hand to you today?

Mulan [smiles slightly]: I would like to know, too.

[Cut to night scene somewhere in a secluded part of the capital. Li Liang is
walking alone when he stops in his tracks]

Li Liang: You can come out now. There's no one else around.

Mulan [appears]: Thank you for helping me today.

Li Liang: You knew I did it?

Mulan: Aside from this incident with Zhuang Xiaoqian, I've been able to read
everything else you've ever done.

Li Liang: I don't want to bicker with you over that item. I saw your mother
a short time ago. She is fine. Chairman Chen is only doing this for show so
he has something to tell the Emperor. He'll release her in a couple days.

Mulan: Thank you.

Li Liang: You needn't be so courteous. So what are you planning for your
next move?

Mulan: Find out who is the real murderer and give Jili his name back. Then I
'll turn myself in to the Emperor. However, when that happens, I don't think
your bit on the side is going to be shielded.

Li Liang: If Xiaoqian is truly as you say she is, I won't let her off

Mulan: You'd best remember those words, lest they be like your promise to
me, forgotten as clean as a whistle.

[Cut to scene in army headquarters at night. Guards march to and fro in the
courtyards. Two spies for Xiaoqian, dressed in black outfits, sneak by the
guards and enter an office. They riffle through files as if searching for
something in particular. One spy digs through a shelf while the other uses
the pommel of his knife to tap the walls looking for hidden cubby holes. He
finds one and opens it, finding a leather map inside. He pulls this out and
uses smoke to make a copy onto another section of parchment. He then returns
the map to its hiding place]

[Cut to place where Mulan and Jili are staying with Yiren. Jili is sound
asleep sitting upright. Yiren is curled against his arm. She wakens and
starts to yell in terror]

Yiren: Someone! Come here! Save me! Save me! [Mulan, who is sitting in
another chair asleep on her arm, bolts awake. Xiangzi also wakes up and they
head to the other room where Jili and Yiren are staying] I'm going to kill
you! I'll kill you all! Out of my way!

Mulan [running in]: Yiren. [She grabs Yiren's hands and tries to restrain
her] Yiren, calm down.

Yiren [wildly]: Someone come! [Jili is still sound asleep] There was a spy
just now. A spy got in here! It was so scary! The spy was so frightening!
[Mulan tries to calm her down, then frowns in Jili's direction and kicks him
in the leg to wake him up. He startles awake and starts to soothe Yiren]

Jili: Yiren, don't be afraid. I'm here.

Yiren [ranting]: The spy is there! It's coming closer!

Jili: Don't yell anymore. I'm here.

[Mulan, Xiangzi, and Jili look at each other sorrowfully at the sight of
Yiren's continued terror and ranting]

[Cut to dark house somewhere. The two spies enter and kneel before their

Spies: Greetings, Master!

Master: Have you accomplished what I ordered?

Spies: Yes, we have.

Master [laughing menacingly]: Good! When the Sui army falls into my grasp
and the Tujue army sets foot on Sui soil again, it will be great use.

First Spy: Master, we have accomplished our main objective. We should kill
some more of their generals before returning so we can brag about how we
went above and beyond our mission.

Master: Black Eagle, have you forgotten your position? You have no right to
dictate what we do.

First Spy: I apologize. I was wrong. Please forgive me.

Master: Get up. Although you and I have worked together for a long time
since leaving the Tujue homeland, to want to return home isn't an option.
Our next move is to destroy all the Sui generals in one fell swoop, then
focus on using this map to find a direct path into the Sui Empire. At that
time, the Sui Empire will be our possession. [She laughs aloud wickedly]

First Spy: Master, you are truly crafty and shrewd.

Master: Black Eagle, take a fast horse and bring it back post haste to the
Tujue campsite. They have already camped at a bivouac in the plains near the
capital. The eighth of next month will be the day the Sui Empire will lose
all its generals. [She again laughs wickedly]

First Spy: Yes, ma'am! [He leaves. Master removes the mask that covers her
eyes and nose. We now see that Xiaoqian is the Master spy from Tujue]

[Cut to place where Mulan, Jili, and Yiren are staying. Jili is talking in
his sleep]

Jili: Yiren, with me at your side, no one will pick on you or abuse you. No
one will pick on you, so don't be afraid. [He is sleeping on her lap while
clutching her hand. Yiren is asleep sitting up, but slowly wakes up. She
looks around, then starts when she notices Jili is sleeping on her lap]

Yiren: Jili? [Takes his head] Jili!

Jili [puts his finger to his lips]: Shhh. With me around, you don't need to
be afraid of anything. Don't be afraid. [He rolls over and goes back to
sleep. Yiren looks around to try and figure out where she is]

Yiren: Where is this place? [Jili's eyes pop open when he realizes that
Yiren is coherent again]

Jili: Yiren? You're awake?

Yiren [smiling]: Jili.

Jili [takes her face in his hands]: You're fine now?

Yiren: Yes, I'm fine now.

Jili: That's great! Mulan! Mulan, Yiren is well again! Hurry over here,
Mulan! [Hugs her] That's wonderful! You're healed now!

[Cut to scene of First Spy running down the street. A second man in a black
outfit attack him and knocks him to the ground, either killing him or
knocking him unconscious. The second man pulls the copied map from the First
Spy's clothing and leaves]