[Cut to barracks. The rest of the soldiers are asleep when Jili and Mulan sneak back inside. Mulan walks over to her bunk and pulls out a gold piece from her bags, then hands it over to Jili]

Mulan: How much did you lose? Will this suffice? If it's not enough, I have more where that came from.

Jili [incredulous]: This is… this is gold!

Mulan [whispering]: The Marshal gave it to me as a reward.

Jili: You are willing to loan me money to pay off my debts without a word. Mulan… [starts to shout] you're too great! You're too great! [All the other soldiers awaken at the commotion and spring out of bed] Comrades, if there are any of you who are heavily in debt from gambling, just talk to our comrade here and he will make things right! [They all clamor to borrow money to pay off their gambling debts. Mulan hushes them so she can be heard]

Mulan: Alright, alright! I will help with whatever power lies in me. But you must promise me that you will give up gambling. [A
chorus of voices agree to this condition] Good. form a line, then. [She starts to get ready to divvy up the gold, but Jili grabs the pouch and insists on helping]

Jili: Let me handle this. Just divide it all with everyone and that will take care of everything. You needn't go through so much trouble… [Mulan and Jili tug back and forth. Jili finally wrenches the pouch away from Mulan and gives it to the soldiers to divide amongst themselves. When he sees Mulan try to get the pouch back, he deliberately slugs Mulan in the stomach. She grimaces a bit at the blow] What's the matter? Are you a bit hurt at losing your money this way?

Mulan [wincing]: Just a little bit.

Jili: It's quite entertaining to see you shrug off losing so much money with nary a whimper.

Mulan: Did you say something?

Jili: Me? I was saying that even though you gave away so much money, you have regained a large amount of gratitude and friendship. I think it's quite fun what you have done.

Mulan: Of course. Money is something that is external to men. Since it's external to men, then there is no reason to place such importance on it. Hey! [Nudges Jili] Pudgy and Monkey are over in the mess hall celebrating. You should go and join in to hoist a glass.

Jili [frowning]: Me? I suddenly feel very tired. I'm not going to go.

Mulan: Well, I'm going still. [Leaves the barracks]

Jili [talking to himself]: How could she lose all that money and still act so happy? What's so glorious about being a combat soldier in the front lines? What difference does it make when you are ordered onto the field on a suicide mission? It's pretty sad, though. You've dragged me into suffering such indignities along with you.

[Cut to streets in camp. Mulan and her fellow soldiers are running in formation when they come upon a litter carried by several men in bright orange uniforms. The people riding in the litter open up the curtain to peer outside. They are two women, one older
and one younger. They look excited at their trip. The drill sergeant calls a halt to allow the litter to pass, but Mulan, who is running at the end of the line, doesn't notice and ends up barreling into the rest of the soldiers]

Soldier [to Mulan]: What are you gaping at? You mean you've never seen a woman before?

Mulan: How do you know the litter is carrying women? You were watching, too.

Sergeant: Shut your traps! Keep running!

[The two women inside are anxiously searching for someone while the soldiers resume their running]

Younger woman: Where's Cousin? [Not seeing her cousin, she drops back the curtain and the litter continues on its journey]

[Cut to the Marshal's quarters. Li Liang is hurrying inside. He walks in and sees the two women waiting for him]

Li Liang [sees the older woman]: Mother!

Li Liang's mother [scrambling from the table, she hugs her son]: My precious! Mother missed you so! How are you? Have you missed me?

Li Liang [slightly embarrassed]: Of course I missed you, Mother.

Younger woman [comes forward and speaks coquettishly]: Cousin…

Li Liang [surprised]: Yiren, why are you here too? [Li Liang's mother keeps petting her son and doting on him]

Yiren: Cousin, Aunt insisted I accompany her to visit you. Oh my goodness, Aunt!

Li Liang's mother: What?

Yiren: Don't you think that Cousin looks a little thinner than when we saw him last year?

Li Liang's mother [panicking]: What? [Looks him up and down, then pats his cheeks to see if he really is thinner]

Li Liang: Mother, I'm quite all right. There's nothing wrong with me.

Li Liang's mother [turns to Marshal]: Elder Brother, how could you let Li Liang suffer while I'm gone? You mustn't forget he's the only branch of the Li family remaining.

Marshal;  [chuckling at his sister-in-law's words]: I am not the one to make him suffer. He does that on his own…

Li Liang's mother: And what's that supposed to mean?

Li Liang: Mother, Uncle was just teasing you.

Marshal: Li Liang, do you want to take a few days leave so you can spend time with your mother?

Li Liang's mother: Of course he will.

Li Liang [at the same time]: That won't be necessary.

Li Liang's mother [whining]: Son, didn't you say you wanted to spend time with me?

Li Liang: Mother, I can squeeze free time during my regular hours. I don't need to take leave specifically to spend time with you.

[The whole time he is talking to his mother, he is feeling uncomfortable under Yiren's gaze. It is obvious she has a crush on him and he is aware of this. However, he doesn't feel the same about her and looks like a bird caught in a trap]

[Cut to city street, where Li Liang's mother, Li Liang, and Yiren are walking together. He is rather unhappily herded towards a tavern, but he enters without protesting. Once they walk inside, they are ushered into a separate room where another man is sitting down. Li Liang takes one look at him and tries to turn around to leave, but Li Liang's mother grabs his arm and chides him]

Li Liang's mother: Li Liang, how can you be so disrespectful to your uncle? He's still kin. Say hello!

Li Liang [pouting]: Uncle.

Yiren's father: That's a good nephew.

Yiren [taking Li Liang's arm]: Cousin, please sit down.

[They all sit down at a large table, with Li Liang still looking barely civil. Yiren's father greets his sister, Li Liang's mother, then tells the waiter to bring the food to the table]

Yiren's father [to Li Liang's mother, in a smarmy manner]: Sister, I have ordered a few dishes for us to eat. I don't know if they will suit you.

Li Liang's mother: That's no problem. What did you order?

Yiren's father: Let's see, I ordered steamed crab, lamb's tongue, some fried stomach, pickled bean curd, and five spices chicken.

[While this recital is going on, Li Liang is looking very bored and anxious to leave. It is obvious he can't stand his uncle and his oily ways]

Li Liang's mother [protesting]: That fried stomach is too greasy. And that steamed crab is too cooling (reference Chinese concept of "cooling" vs. "heating" foods). As for the lamb, you know I don't like eating lamb.

Yiren's father [doesn't miss a beat]: Well, then I can ask the waiter to change the order. Sister, what would you like to eat instead?

Li Liang's mother: Anything is fine. Just anything.

Yiren's father: In that case, I'll go tell them to change the order [He runs off to talk to the waiter]

Li Liang's mother [elbows Li Liang]: Li Liang, stop wearing that wooden face, will you?

Li Liang: Mother, Uncle went too far last time. He tried selling our camp already dead chickens (not fresh?), then another time he gave us presents as if to bribe us, then another time he sold us rusty weapons. The Marshal thinks I am either incompetent or have too many dealings with shady characters. And this isn't one or two instances, either. If you were in my shoes, Mother, you'd be
angry, too.

Li Liang's mother [disagreeing]: Not so. I wouldn't be that petty.

[Seeing Li Liang is not convinced, Yiren drinks a toast to her cousin]

Yiren [in an ingratiating style]: Cousin, truth to tell, my father was cheated last time, too. He didn't know he was dealing in bad goods. He didn't intentionally try to get you in trouble…[Sees Li Liang isn't buying any of it, she puts the cup down and shoots a pleading look to him. He grumpily looks away, then sighs]

Li Liang: All right. What does he want to do this time?

[Cut to Colonel Yu's quarters late at night. Mulan is sitting with him at his table while he discusses tactics. He tells the story of a famous general, a Commander Sung, who refused to engage the enemy while they were crossing the river. When the enemy was
nearly across the river, his men asked him if they could attack before the enemy completely crossed. Commander Sung still refused, saying that an honorable soldier wouldn't fight someone who wasn't completely ready]

Colonel Yu: So what do you think happened to Commander Sung?

Mulan [thinks a bit]: They lost badly.

Colonel Yu: Exactly! Commander Sung was an idiot. You see, on a battlefield, it's a dog eat dog situation. Either you kill me or I kill you. It's no place for chivalry and ethics. If you don't want to participate, you have a choice to not participate. If you don't want to go to war, you have the choice to not go to war.

Mulan: In other words, Li Liang is an idiot for letting that spy go, right?

Colonel Yu [huffy]: Might I trouble you not to mention that person's name around me?

[Cut to storage rooms in the camp somewhere. Yiren's father is leading Li Liang inside while holding a lantern. The room is filled with clutter]

Yiren's father: Come in, nephew. [Sets the lantern on a table] Take a look at this. [He reaches into a sack and pulls forth a handful of grain] Look at this grain. It's guaranteed to cook up wonderfully and deliciously. If you feed your troops this rice they will become a hundred times stronger. When they go to battle they will win every time… when they… [Li Liang interrupts his uncle]

Li Liang: Uncle…I don't handle the logistics of feeding my soldiers. You had best go talk to someone else.

Yiren's father: Now wait a minute, Li Liang, you're a general! All you need to do is mention something to your underlings and they will handle everything, yes?

Li Liang: Uncle, I can't help you out this time. You'd best go look for someone else who can. Good bye! [He leaves the room, while his uncle calls vainly for him to come back]

[Cut back Colonel Yu's quarters, where he is sitting and paring a pear. Mulan comes over and taps him on the shoulder]

Mulan: Brother Yu, did you and Li Liang have a falling out somewhere along the way?

Colonel Yu: No, it's not that. He just irks me with his condescending airs.

Mulan [nodding]: True, he is rather annoying that way. [Continues to read the book she is carrying]

Colonel Yu: It's getting late, Mulan. Take that military book back with you and read it over some more.

Mulan: Thanks. [Colonel Yu finishes paring the fruit and cuts it in half, then offers half to Mulan] No thank you, I don't want any.

Colonel Yu: Why not? This is a special type of pear. It's very tasty.

Mulan: It's bad karma. (Reference to a pun on the phrase "share a pear," which is a homonym for "go separate ways") I don't want to leave you. [Grins shyly]

Colonel Yu: Crazy wench. What are you talking about? Life consists of partings. Why don't you want to leave me?

Mulan: I want to stay with you always.

Colonel Yu [taken aback]: Do you really? Have you no shame? [Grins at her]

Mulan [slaps his arm]: Don't think too highly of yourself. That's not what I meant.

Colonel Yu [teasing]: Then you weren't professing your love for me?

Mulan [blushing]: Stupid ox. I meant I wanted to stay with you so I can learn all you know about military strategy and tactics. Once I learn everything, then I'll push you aside.

Colonel Yu: Well, if you wanted to learn all I know you'd have to spend your entire lifetime, and even then that may never be time enough.

Mulan: That's okay. If it takes a lifetime, then it means I'll spend a lifetime with you.

Colonel Yu: Very well. I'm willing to teach you about military strategy. But you must promise you'll never develop romantic feelings toward me. Outwardly, you look like a man. I certainly don't want to take a man for a wife. [Snickers a little]

Mulan [hits him on the head with the book]: Stupid ox! I'm not going to talk to you anymore. I'm leaving now. [Walks out the door with her nose in the air. After she leaves, Colonel Yu smiles a bit at the scene that just happened. Mulan walks down the hallway outside and pauses a while, her face full of some confusion about her true feelings towards Colonel Yu.

[Cut to gate to Three Mile camp the next morning. Mulan is standing guard at the gate when Yiren's father walks up. She blocks his way and asks his business]

Mulan: No civilians allowed in camp. It's orders.

Yiren's father: Humph! Don't you recognize who I am, little man?

Mulan: No riffraff allowed inside.

Yiren's father: I am considered riffraff? Let me tell you, I am the uncle of a general in that camp, General Li Liang. Who are you? I will ask Li Liang to comb you down but good later!

[Mulan's sergeant walks up]

Sergeant: What's this all about?

Mulan: Sir, this man claims he is General Li's uncle, but won't let me check his credentials and insists on barging in.

Yiren's father [turning on the charm]: Sergeant Huang, don't you remember me?

Sergeant: Why, if it isn't Mr. Xu. What brings you here? Are you here to visit General Li? [Seeing that her sergeant recognizes Yiren's father, Mulan resumes guard duty, but not without a glare in Yiren's father's direction]

Yiren's father: No, no. I'm here to discuss business with the Provisions Masters. Li Liang… I mean, General Li himself asked me to come here.

Sergeant Huang: Of course, of course. Come with me.

Mulan [stopping them]: Hold it a minute, sirs. Camp rules say that all outsiders must register before entering. Could you please step inside and get your documents arranged first?

Yiren's father [to Sergeant]: Sergeant Huang, do you mean you can't vouch for me so I can enter? [Sees the sergeant is silent] Oh my, that's so sad to see that you have so little power.

Sergeant [shakes his head shamefacedly]: This is a military rule. I can't break it or make exceptions. [With a loud sniff, Yiren's father follows the Sergeant to get his paperwork filled out]

Mulan [muttering]: Conniving coward

[Cut to frosty street outside camp. Mulan is leading the soldiers in her platoon on a run around the camp perimeter through the snowy grounds. They are staggering and struggling to keep up]

Mulan: Come on. If you want to make a name for yourself, keep running!

Jili [coming up to Mulan and loudly huffing and puffing]: What… what is this all about? I… I thought you were going to teach us fencing and spear fighting skills. Why are we running laps all day long?

Mulan: It's because I found out you people are really in such sad shape. Running is a good way to get in shape. Once you are in shape, then we can talk about fencing and spear fighting.

Jili: If you want us to get in shape by running laps, why couldn't we just run inside the camp? Why do we have to run out here where it's so cold?

Mulan [frowning at Jili]: Su Jili, how come with you if it's not one thing it's another? I get the feeling you don't seriously want to make a name for yourself, do you?

Pudgy [struggling to catch his breath]: Boss, don't listen to him. He's always trying to shirk.

Mulan: All right then, let's continue running. Forward! [The troops strain to follow Mulan, while Jili remains behind and watches them go]

Jili [muttering]: Do you honestly think I want to make a name for myself? I'd be an idiot and insane if I voluntarily went running with you. I'm off to go get some sleep. [He starts to head back to the barracks, but stops in his tracks suddenly] However, what if that stupid wench really did do something great and I wasn't there to stop it? How would I explain that to the Jade Emperor when I return to the Celestial Kingdom? I'd best follow them. [He starts to retrace his steps and starts running to catch up to Mulan]

[Cut to General Li addressing several troops, who are all standing at attention]

General Li: To be a successful soldier, you need to remember the following. One, you must not be afraid of suffering. Two, you must not be afraid of fatigue.  You train during the winter and you train during the summer. Training during the harshest days of winter serves to test a soldier's physical strength and courage.

Jili [walks up to them, with the rest of Mulan's group behind him]: What is so great about what General Li can do? He lost to Boss a while back.

Pudgy and Monkey [incredulous]: Really? You're not kidding? [The troops stay about ten feet away from General Li and his troops]

Jili [to Monkey and Pudgy]: Why would I lie to you? Why?

Sergeant Huang [addressing General Li]: Sir, you are such a strong fighter. He must have fought dirty to win against you.

Mulan [speaking loudly to General Li and Sergeant Huang]: My father taught me my martial skills. There is nothing dirty about how he taught me to fight. If you feel I didn't win against you fairly last time, then let us have a rematch.

Jili [gets a satisfied smile on his face, the saunters over to Mulan to whisper in her ear]: Boss, he is getting too big for his britches. Rough him up a bit!

Mulan: Back in camp, sparring is merely a way to pass the time. General Li, you are chivalrous and generous. Don't hold back just because I'm not so lofty. Don't let this be a problem. [Smirks]

General Li [slightly amused]: Fair enough. Shall we choose how we will spar?

Mulan [starts bragging and using grand hand gestures, nearly knocking out Jili by accident]: I, Hua Mulan, can handle any of the 18 martial skills (reference a set of 18 traditional skills like archery, fencing, staff fighting, etc.?). I am better than anyone else out there.

General Li: How about the sword?

Mulan: Yes, sir!

[They start sparring with their swords while the troops all watch. They are both good swordsmen, but you can tell General Li is better, or else Mulan is a little too cocky. After a few minutes of sparring, General Li sends Mulan's sword flying. While she is distracted, he lands a solid punch in her face, which sends her flying several feet away. She lands with an unceremonious thump. Jili cringes at the sight, while the rest of the soldiers in her platoon look on in dismay and concern. General Li jumps over towards the fallen Mulan]

General Li: Now that is what I call "Twin Dragons Going out to Sea."

[Mulan's platoon hurry over to see how she's doing, while Monkey and Pudgy help her to her feet]

Pudgy: Boss, are you all right? Boss?

Jili [muttering]: Let's see if this doesn't take your cockiness down a notch or two…

[Mulan gingerly gets to her feet. We see she has two large black eyes now from the punch and the fall and is grimacing in pain]

Mulan: I'm fine. There's nothing wrong. [Winces] How did he improve his skills so quickly?

[The troops are near the main gate to Three Mile camp. We see Yiren's father leading in three guests to the camp. They are dressed as men, but the three guests look suspiciously like women in disguise. The guards at the gate give them barely a glance and let the four of them through]

Mulan [surprised at the sight]: Women? I see women.

Jili [waving his hand in front of Mulan's distracted expression]: Hey, Boss, Li Liang must have hit your head too hard. How could there be women in this camp?

Mulan [protesting]: It's not because I hurt my head. See, the person in the lead there is Li Liang's uncle. The people behind him are dressed as men, but they aren't really men. They are women.

Jili: How do you know?

Mulan: By the way they walk. Like this. [She demonstrates the sway of their hips, but in an extremely exaggerated manner] Wow, if they are swaying their hips that much, they must not be shy maidens!

[Cut to someone's quarters in the camp late at night. There is a table set inside with several dishes of food and wine. Yiren's father leads the loose women through the door, where several soldiers loudly greet their arrival]

Yiren's father: They're here! Everyone gets one. [To women] Take off those hats…oh, and take off those clothes, too. [The women obligingly shed their outer garments, revealing scarlet lingerie underneath] See how beautiful they are!

Soldier: Mr. Xu, you've really outdone yourself this time!

Yiren's father: Come on, let's pour some wine and drink. These ladies are among the city's best. If you are dissatisfied for whatever reason, just let me know and I'll take care of things.

[No one notices that a side window is cracked open and Jili, Mulan, Pudgy, and Monkey are all peeking at the scene before them. Pudgy and Monkey are ogling the ladies, while Jili is salivating over the spread]

Jili: My, my, so much good food and good wine. I haven't had any in such a long time.

Mulan [tugs Jili to leave]: Come on, we better leave now.

Jili: Just a little longer…

Mulan [pulls harder]: Jili, we have to go. If we get discovered, they'll kill us to hide their trail. [She gives one final good shove and he leaves, with Pudgy and Monkey in tow. She takes a final look, then nods her head grimly and mutters] We'll see how this turns out…

[Cut to Chenen's quarters. He is sitting down with Mulan as she tells him what she saw]

Chenen: What did you see?

Mulan: The past few days, I've seen General Li's uncle getting cozy with the Provisions Master. He started with giving larger and larger gifts. Now, would you believe it? He smuggled in several prostitutes by dressing them as men. They are now wining and dining with the Provisions Master and his crew.

Chenen: He actually dared to bring harlots into camp?

Mulan: Yes, he did! Also, he even said that these were prostitutes from the most famous brothel in town.

Chenen: And the prostitutes are still here? Perfect. Come, we're off to catch a tiger. [They open the door to leave and see Jili leaning against it, eavesdropping]

Mulan: Jili, what are you doing sneaking around here?

Jili: Mulan… actually, I have something important to show you.

Mulan: Jili, I have some urgent business to attend to with Colonel Yu. It will have to wait.

Jili: No, this won't take but a minute. I just wanted to show you something. [Seeing they are watching him, he brings out the Stupor Inducing Flag. He waves it in front of Chenen and Mulan's faces while chanting some magic words. They become dazed
and their faces are covered in soot (I think the soot is supposed to indicate they are bewitched). He addresses both of them] My good grandchildren, say "Grandpa."

Mulan and Chenen: Grandpa.

Jili: That's my good grandchildren. [To Chenen] I want you to go to sleep. [Chenen walks off to bed. Jili then addresses Mulan] I want you to follow me.

[Cut to the quarters where the prostitutes had been entertaining the soldiers. Mulan bursts in wearing full armor and brandishing a sword. She attacks the soldiers and prostitutes, herding the soldiers out the door while keeping the prostitutes away]

Mulan [to prostitutes]: Hurry up and put on your clothing, then put your hats back on. Otherwise… [she makes a throat slitting gesture] CRRKKK!

[Cut to Li Liang's quarters. He is shirtless and exercising on rings like those used in men's gymnastics. Jili is outside in the courtyard. He changes his voice and calls for Li Liang]

Jili: General Li!

Li Liang: What is it?

Jili: The Marshal wishes to see you at his quarters. He has urgent business to discuss with you.

Li Liang: Very well. [He hops off the rings and dons his robe, then hurries out. He doesn't notice Jili hiding in the corner waiting for him to leave]

Jili [seeing Li Liang is gone]: Oh boy, there's going to be an interesting show to watch tonight in camp. It won't be long before I can go back to heaven and get that post the Jade Emperor promised. I'm almost there…[He whips out his magic parasol and then opens it, twirling it about his head and chanting. He becomes invisible, but seems to forget his shoes] Darn things. I'm always forgetting something. [He picks up his shoes and the vanishes]

[Cut to just outside the quarters where the prostitutes were entertaining the soldiers. Mulan is herding them out at swordpoint. The prostitutes are dressed as men again, but their disguises do not look very good. Jili walks over to Mulan (he is still invisible) and whispers in her ear]

Jili: My good grandchild, there is a bad man coming. If you run into him, you will have grave trouble. You'd best run off now. [Mulan obeys and heads in another direction. Li Liang is walking towards the Marshal's quarters when he notices the fleeing women]

Li Liang: Halt! [Walks over and is surprised to see they are women] Women? Who brought you in here?

Jili [walking by him, still invisible, and faking a woman's voice]: Hua Mulan did…

Li Liang [shocked]: Hua Mulan?

[Cut to area of camp right outside the barracks. Mulan staggers in, still under Jili's spell, and very much out of breath. She leans against a post to rest and catch her wind. Monkey and Pudgy spot her]

Pudgy: Boss? Boss, are you alright? [Taps Mulan on the shoulder and gets no response] Boss? [Mulan turns to look at them, but her eyes are glassy and do not see them]

Monkey [aghast]: Oh my goodness, Boss has been possessed! Come on, let's take him back to the barracks and get him fixed up.

[Cut to inside barracks. Pudgy is anxiously scrubbing off the soot from Mulan's face. When most of the soot is gone, Mulan suddenly comes to]

Mulan: Where am I? What am I doing here?

Pudgy: Boss, you're awake. You were possessed!

Mulan: Possessed?

Monkey: Exactly. When we found you, your face was all black and you're eyes were glassy. You didn't even notice us.

Mulan: Oh my goodness, Brother Yu! [She runs out of the barracks, with Pudgy and Monkey anxiously following]

[Cut to Chenen's quarters. Mulan bursts in the doors and hurries over to Chenen, who is out cold on his bed. She sits down next to him and tries to rouse him, but he is unconscious]

Mulan: Brother Yu! Wake up, Brother Yu! [Takes his hand] Brother Yu, come on, wake up. [Pudgy and Monkey, seeing he is not responding, go back out the door. They return shortly with a wet towel, which they hand to Mulan]

Pudgy: Boss, try using this to wipe Colonel Yu's face. It's how we woke you up earlier.

Mulan: Oh. Okay. [She starts to wipe his face. After several swabs, he wakes up with a jerk]

Chenen: Mulan, what happened?

Mulan: Jili, it turns out, is one of Li Liang's henchmen. Li Liang must have sent Jili to spell us and cause us grief.

[Chenen clenches his fist at this news]

Chenen: Li Liang, this time, no amount of water will wash off this scandal!

[Cut to quarters where the prostitutes were earlier. Jili walks in and spies all the food left behind. He sits down with a big smile on his face and starts to dig in]

Jili: Oh, my precious…daddy is here to take care of you. I wouldn't leave you all alone now, would I? [He keeps talking to himself while sailing into the food]

[Cut to another part of camp. Mulan, Chenen, Pudgy, and Monkey are heading towards the Marshal's quarters, while Li Liang and some of his men are heading towards Mulan's barracks. Their paths cross]

Li Liang [to his men when he sees Mulan]: Arrest Hua Mulan. Now!

Chenen [stepping in front of Mulan]: Who dares to touch him!

Li Liang [angry]: Hua Mulan, who do you think he (Chenen) is? The Jade Emperor himself won't be able to protect you today!

[Li Liang tries to attack Mulan, but Chenen steps in and the two of them end up fighting in earnest. They are evenly matched, so the battle goes back and forth. One of Li Liang's men hurries to the Marshal's quarters]

Soldier [saluting Marshal]: Sir, Marshal, sir. General Li and Colonel Yu are fighting each other!

Marshal [livid]: What?! [Slams the book he was reading on the table] That's too much! [He gets up and hurries to stop the fight]

[Back at the battle, Chenen and Li Liang are still going at it. Mulan tries to jump in, but ends up getting punched by Li Liang and flies off again. Chenen attacks Li Liang anew when the Marshal comes running up]

Marshal: Halt! [Both Chenen and Li Liang immediately stop when they hear the Marshal's tone of voice] Both of you! Come with me! [He angrily turns around and heads back to his quarters. Li Liang and Chenen hurriedly follow]

[Pudgy and Monkey lift up Mulan from the ground]

Mulan [to both of them]: Come with me. [She follows Chenen]

[Cut to Marshal's quarters. Chenen and Li Liang are standing before a livid Marshal. The Marshal is angrily pacing back and forth]

Marshal [scolding]: One of you is my flesh-and-blood nephew. The other is the son of my best friend. I have always looked upon the both of you as my own sons. Why couldn't you two just get along, instead of always being at odds with each other.

Li Liang: Do you know what he did? He asked that damn fool Hua Mulan to bring in some whores to camp!

Marshal [furious, walks to Chenen]: Chenen! Is this true?

Chenen [protesting]: Uncle, you know me better than anyone else. Would I do such preposterous things?

Li Liang [barking back]: Why indeed? Uncle has helped raise you. He got you into the army. He helped train you into the officer you are now. But you have abetted your friends in flouting army rules. That's just as bad.

Chenen: Let me ask you first. What crime has Hua Mulan committed?

Li Liang: How many times do I need to explain that to you. Hua Mulan smuggled several prostitutes into camp. Whether he did it for personal consumption or not, I don't know.

Chenen: You'd best get your facts straight before you go accusing innocent people. What about how you've encouraged your uncle (Yiren's father) to hand out gifts left and right to bribe people? He even brought in those prostitutes to entertain his customers. Hua Mulan came to me to report this, but who knew you'd send one of your toady's to bewitch us so you could hide your crimes! Now that you can't hide anymore, you try to foist the blame for having prostitutes in camp on Hua Mulan. I never knew the world had such low and despicable men as you!

Li Liang: What are you talking about? Who aided and abetted who's uncle to do such unethical things as bribery and prostitution?

Chenen [walking before the Marshal]: Everything I've said is the truth. Some people said Li Liang's uncle wanted to gain the business of supplying the army with grain, that's why he's been wining and dining the Provisions Master and his men. Uncle Li, you must get to the bottom of this.

Li Liang: Yu Chenen! Stop smearing others with your words! I saw Hua Mulan in the company of those prostitutes with my own two eyes. Moreover, I heard with my own ears those prostitutes say that Hua Mulan brought them into camp. Yet here you are flip-flopping the blame! Uncle, please find out the truth behind all this; we can't let the guilty parties get away scot-free.

Chenen: You're the one that's pinning the blame on others.

Li Liang: Well, the prostitutes are all sitting in jail right now. Uncle, why don't we go and question them? I'm sure they will say Hua Mulan brought them here.

Chenen: If they say that, it will only be because you forced them to utter such lies! Uncle Li, I am willing to bet my life that Hua Mulan could never have done these things. He is an honorable and moral person. He would never have stooped to such deeds.

Li Liang: You're still speaking for that damn fool?

Marshal [barking]: That's enough bickering! I will find out for myself who is telling the truth and who is lying!

[Cut to waiting area in the Marshal's quarters. Mulan is pacing back and forth nervously while Pudgy and Monkey stand and wait anxiously]

Pudgy: Boss, no need to worry. Colonel Yu is one of the Marshal's favorite officers. General Li won't be able to do anything to him.

Monkey: On the contrary, I don't think so.

Mulan: Then what do you think?

Monkey: Even though Colonel Yu is one of the Marshal's favored officers, General Li is still his blood nephew. Blood is always thicker than water. Just look at their ranks. One is a full general, the other is a colonel. Which is more prestigious of a post?

Pudgy: That's because General Li has served in the army longer than Colonel Yu. He has earned his stripes!

Monkey: I still think that if it weren't for his blood relation to the Marshal, it wouldn't matter how much he earned and deserved, he wouldn't be a general today.

[There is a commotion outside, with the sound of numerous soldiers marching by. Mulan opens the door to investigate, but the guards tell her to go back inside]

[Cut to Marshal's inner quarters. The Provisions Master is shoved before the Marshal. He is quivering with fear]

Provisions Master [kneeling]: Sir, Marshal, sir, please have mercy on me! I forgot my place and acted rashly! Please have mercy!

Marshal [sternly]: You will truthfully answer my questions. If you deviate even an speck from the truth, I will have you executed! Is that clear?

Provisions Master: Yes, sir.

Marshal: Did you and your men carouse with prostitutes in your quarters tonight?

Provisions Master: Yes.

Marshal: Who procured these harlots?

Provisions Master: It was Xu Fugui, the merchant Mr. Xu, that provided them. [Hearing this, Li Liang raises his eyebrows in chagrin while Chenen smirks slightly. Li Liang slowly kneels down next to the soldier to interrogate him further]

Li Liang [quietly]: By way of a private, called Hua Mulan, right?

Provisions Master: No, sir. Mr. Xu brought in the ladies personally.

Li Liang [suddenly raises his voice]: You dare lie to the Marshal?!

Provisions Master [quivering]: No, sir. I dare not! I speak the naked truth. Mr. Xu brought in four ladies from the famous brothel in the city, to wine and dine with us and entertain us. All of a sudden, the soldier called Hua Mulan burst in with a sword in his hand. He looked like he was insane, so we all ran.

Li Liang: And where was my uncle in all this?

Provisions Master: When he saw that he was in grave trouble, he bolted from the camp and fled..

Chenen: General Li, the Marshal doesn't rely on hearsay. He trusts the word of the Provisions Master. When he finds your uncle, he will bring him back here for punishment.

Provisions Master: Everything I've said is the absolute truth! If any of it is false, may lightening strike me and my entire family with it.

[Cut to waiting room. Chenen walks in and Mulan hurries over]

Mulan: Brother Yu, what happened? Did the Marshal believe you or believe the bastard Li Liang?

Chenen: The Marshal didn't believe either of us. He only believes the truth. [Sees Mulan hang her head dejectedly] Hey, didn't I tell you that wrong never wins over right? Li Liang will never escape this one.

Mulan [jumps in Chenen's arms and starts hugging him]: That's wonderful! We won! We won!

Chenen [looking slightly embarrassed at Mulan's actions, responds to Pudgy and Monkey's puzzled looks]: My old friend has a curious habit. When he is happy, he loves to hug people, be they male or female. Would you like a hug? Come on. [Pudgy and Monkey come over, arms open wide, to get a hug from Mulan. Blushing, Mulan shoves them away and runs out the door, leaving
Chenen chuckling at her discomfiture]