[Cut to Mulan and Li Liang's quarters at night. She stumbles in the door
tiredly while Li Liang shuts the door behind them. She walks over to the bed
and collapses]

Li Liang: Mulan. [Taps her shoulder] Mulan, are you alright?

Mulan: Don't bug me. Just let me rest a bit, will you?

Li Liang: Alright. Rest a bit first. [He starts to take off her shoes for her
and helps prepare her for bed]

Mulan: You know, I think we'd best tell your mother that I'm just not good
daughter-in-law material. One solution is for you to disown (in Chinese, a
man can "fire" his wife, but not vice versa; it's not exactly divorce as we
know it) me. The other solution is for her to accept that I don't care what
other people think. Alright! [Sits up suddenly]

Li Liang [puts his arm around her shoulders]: Mulan, just bear it a little
while longer.

Mulan [crossly]: I really can't take it any longer.

Li Liang [soothing]: Be patient. I've already talked to our superiors and
they say we will be deployed soon. When that happens, we'll be the first to go.
We'll be busy from dawn to dusk then. Plus, my mother won't follow us.
Besides, use this time as an opportunity to help me fulfill my filial duties
towards my mother, please?

Mulan [sighs]: Alright. I promise you. I'll commit to two months.

Li Liang: Good. Two months it is. When two months are up if we still haven't
been sent to another camp, I will personally talk to my mother...[Li Liang
doesn't notice that Mulan has started to drift off to sleep on his shoulder]
so you can return to being that special woman in a thousand. [Feeling the
weight on his shoulder, he looks down and sees Mulan is sound asleep] Mulan?

[Cut to hut where Jili is staying. He is curled up on his bed but he doesn't
have any blankets]

Jili [waking up]: How come I feel so stiff everywhere? Everything's as stiff
as a board. [Notices one hand is shaking but he can't seem to stop it. He
starts shivering with cold and can't get back to sleep] Oh my goodness, the
Jade Emperor must want me dead now. Your Majesty, I don't want to die yet! I
don't want to die yet. [Shiveringly, he sits up in bed and starts heading
out the door with crooked steps] Mulan! Save me! Mulan!

[He later appears in the city street and still is unable to walk straight]

Jili [murmuring]: I'm... I'm a goner. Mulan, I'm a goner. [Sits down against a
wall and starts to pant] I'm a goner.

[A little boy comes running over and crouches by Jili]

Boy: Uncle (honorable title), what's the matter with you?

Jili: Small Sir, do you think you could help me?

Boy: What can I help you with?

Jili: Can you help me find someone?

Boy: Who?

Jili: General Hua Mulan. [The boy nods his head] Hurry! [The boy scampers
off, leaving Jili groaning on the street]

[Cut to the main entrance of the military headquarters. Li Liang is walking
out the door with Mulan on his arm. She stops him as they exit]

Mulan: Hey, let's not go home just yet. We can go window shopping instead.

Li Liang: Aren't you tired?

Mulan: No, I'm not tired. [Starts to pout] If we go home, I'll get even more
tired. Your mother knows very well how to direct others.

Li Liang [smiling]: I know it's been hard on you. Come on.

[Meanwhile, Jili is still sitting on the ground and talking to himself]

Jili: Mu.Mulan. Hurry up and get here. If I should die before you get here,
I won't go peacefully. I need to see you one last time. Mulan. I don't feel
well. I really don't feel well. Mulan.

[Nearby, Li Liang and Mulan are enjoying the sights and sounds of the vendor
stalls on the street. Every now and then they cast loving glances on each
other. The little boy that was talking to Jili earlier is running down the
street and literally runs into Li Liang]

Li Liang [kneeling next to the boy]: Hey there, what's the hurry, little
knave. You should go slower.

Boy: I want to find General Hua Mulan.

Mulan [kneeling also]: You're looking for me? But I don't know you.

Boy: There's an Uncle who's almost dead that told me to come find you.

Mulan [puzzled]: An Uncle who's almost dead?

Li Liang: It must be Jili! [Mulan nods and the three of them start heading
for Jili]

[Cut to Jili's resting spot. He is still sitting there, but now he is
visibly shaking. Mulan runs over and knocks him over inadvertently]

Mulan: Jili! What's the matter?

Jili [sneezes a couple of times]: Mulan.I didn't think I'd be able to see
you one last time.

Mulan [exasperated]: What are you talking about?

Li Liang: Let's get him home first. [Mulan and Li Liang help Jili back home
to the hut he was staying]

[Cut to hut. Li Liang and Mulan each support one side of Jili, who is
sneezing and groaning with each step]

Jili: I'm a goner.I'm a goner.This time I'm going to die for sure. [Li Liang
and Mulan listen patiently to his ramblings] After I die could you take me
to a temple and bury me there? Even though I can't rejoin the immortal ranks
I can at least spend time with those Buddhist icons, right?

Mulan: Stop rambling about things like that. Save your breath and get some

Li Liang: Come on, let's have him lie down first. [They help him to his bed
and try to make him lie down but he keeps fidgeting]

Jili: No, I have to say these things now. [Squirms upright] If I don't say
them now I may not get another chance. After I die my shroud must be made in
the same style as the Kitchen God's outfits. I know it will cost a bit more,
but it will fulfill a wish of mine. [Shivers some more] I hope you can help
me with that. [Mulan and Li Liang start to cover him with his blanket to
help him get warm]

Mulan: Jili, have you been using such a thin blanket the past several

Jili: Yes. But first, you have to hear me out.

Mulan [interrupting]: No, you have to hear me out. It has been very cold the
past few days and you've only been using such a thin blanket. No wonder
you've caught cold.

Jili [puzzled]: Caught... cold? [Li Liang puts a hand on Jili's forehead and
then pulls it away]

Li Liang: Wow, you're burning up with a fever! No wonder you're shaking like
a leaf. What's the matter with you?

Jili: What's a fever? I thought the Jade Emperor wanted me dead, but this is
really hard for me to take.

Li Liang: Of course being sick is hard to take. You won't die that easily.

Mulan: Alright, alright. Stop dithering with him. Hurry and go fetch the doctor.

Li Liang [salutes Mulan]: Yes, Wife. [To Jili] You had better stay put and
get some rest. Don't go saying that you're going to die, you're going to
die, lest you terrify us all. [He hurries out the door]

Jili [still shivering]: Am I really useless?

Mulan [kindly]: You're not useless; you just aren't using your brain. Next
time when it gets cold, remember to put on more blankets. That's
enough talk for now. You'd better get some rest. [Jili curls up under his
blanket and goes to sleep]

[Later, Mulan returns with a tray containing a bowl of hot medicine]

Mulan: Jili, I'm done brewing your medicine. Get up and drink it. [Jili sits
up and takes the bowl of medicine. He takes a big swallow and then spits out
some of it]

Jili [grimacing]: Wow, that stuff's bitter! It's really bitter!

Mulan: Good medicine is bitter. If it wasn't bitter how would it do you any

Jili [cringing]: It's too bitter! I won't drink it.

Li Liang [watching from the doorway, sighing loudly]: You are really an
embarrassment. A real man shouldn't mind a small bit of bitterness like

Jili: I'm not a real man. I'm a fallen immortal. Regardless, I'm not
drinking that medicine.

Li Liang [scolding]: If you don't take your medicine then what's the use of
seeing the doctor? Mulan spent half the day brewing this medicine for you.
It will be a waste if you don't drink it.

Jili [to Mulan]: I'm sorry, but I can't drink it.

Mulan [resigned]: Fine. [Turns to Li Liang] Since he won't take his
medicine, we'd better leave him alone and ignore him from now on.

Jili: Hey! Don't go away mad. I'll drink it. [He takes the bowl, pinches his
nose with one hand, and drinks the bowl's contents]

Mulan [nodding approvingly]: Now that's a good boy. Here, have a dried plum
(these are not prunes, but a different kind of plum). It will help take away
the bitter aftertaste. [She gently places one in his mouth]

Li Liang [wheedling tone in his voice]: Wife, when I get sick, will you wait
on me this nicely?

Mulan [pinches his cheek]: You can forget about it. [Grins at him]

Li Liang [shocked]: What? But I'm your husband?

Mulan: In our household, it's all I can handle just waiting on your mother.
For you, I will wait on you in large-scale! [Cocks back a fist and teasingly
starts chasing Li Liang out the door. Jili looks very disgruntled and
jealous at their happiness, so he starts popping more dried plums in his
mouth (normally, it's like popping several dried dates in your mouth at
once; it gets really sweet), much like a young child scarfing candy to "make
himself feel better."]

[Cut to sitting room in the Generals' Residence. Li Liang's mother is
sitting in at a table while Yiren is standing at her side. Li Liang and
Mulan enter and walk over to Li Liang's mother]

Li Liang: Mother, it's really late. How come you're still up?

Li Liang's mother [sighs]: Raising a son means worrying about him ninety
years out of a hundred. How could I sleep peacefully knowing you hadn't yet
returned home?

Yiren: Cousin and Cousin-In-Law, next time you're not going to return home till
late, at least tell Aunt so she won't worry.

[Li Liang and Mulan look guiltily at each other]

Li Liang: Oh. Next time I stay out late, I will send a servant home to let
you know. Mother, you should go to your room and get some sleep.

Li Liang's mother [sighs]: I've been waiting so long that my throat is all

Mulan [catching the hint]: Oh. [Hurries to pour some tea] Popo, some tea for

Li Liang's mother [turns away]: I don't need it.

Mulan: Popo, please drink some tea.

Li Liang's mother [sighs]: Fine. [She takes just a sip. Her air radiates her
displeasure with her son's choice of bride, but she doesn't say anything]

Li Liang: Mother, you've had your tea. It's late. You'd best get some sleep.

Li Liang's mother [sighs again]: This old lady has bad circulation. It's
been so cold lately. I lie in bed for hours and I still can't get the bed

Yiren: Cousin, do you remember when you were little, Aunt used to warm up
your bed for you before she let you go to sleep in it?

Li Liang's mother: He won't remember such a trivial thing as that.

Li Liang: Of course I remember. Mother, let me go warm up your bed for you.
[He turns to go but his mother calls him back]

Li Liang's mother: Wait a minute. You're a grown man now. How can you be
curling up in your mother's bed now? [The unspoken hint lingers in the air.
Li Liang doesn't seem to catch it quite yet]

Li Liang: Yiren, might I trouble you?

Yiren [in surprise]: I?

Li Liang's mother [tut-tutting]: Yiren is an outsider. How can you ask her
to do something like this?

Mulan [finally catching the hint]: Oh. I'll go do it.

Li Liang's mother: Well, I don't mean to impose, daughter-in-law.

Mulan: Oh, it's no trouble. I should be doing it. [Smiles. Li Liang's mother
and Yiren are both smiling, too, but in their case it's more of a victorious
smile. Li Liang sees them leave, then grins. He thinks that all is well, but
is oblivious to his mother's scheming]

[Cut to Li Liang's mother's room. Yiren escorts Li Liang's mother inside and
Mulan follows]

Yiren: Aunt, please have a seat.

Mulan: Popo, I'll go and warm your bed for you now.

Li Liang's mother: You go ahead. [Mulan heads to the bed and crawls in. She
doesn't see Yiren and Li Liang's mother smirking at her discomfort. They are
deriving great joy making Mulan do disagreeable things around the house]

Yiren: Aunt, let me pour you a cup of tea to warm you. [She then starts to
massage Li Liang's mother's shoulders while she drinks the tea. Several
minutes later, Mulan is asleep and Yiren is still massaging Li Liang's
mother's shoulders]

Li Liang's mother: Yiren, you'd best go to bed now.

Yiren: Well, Aunt, I'm heading back to my room. [They snicker at Mulan and
Yiren leaves. Li Liang's mother walks over to the sleeping Mulan]

Li Liang's mother: Mulan. [Mulan wakes up] The bed is warm now, I'm sure.
You'd best go back to bed and go to sleep.

Mulan [getting up and wincing at the cold]: Wow, it's cold.

Li Liang's mother: Exactly. All the more reason to go back to bed. [Mulan is
shivering visibly as she leaves. Li Liang's mother snuggles down in her bed
and enjoys the warmth]

[Cut to Mulan and Li Liang's quarters. She enters and hurriedly shuts the
door, shivering and rubbing her hands to try and get warm. Li Liang comes
over and escorts her inside]

Li Liang: Mother is asleep? Come over and rest.

Mulan [crossly]: I'm so tired. I'm going to freeze to death.

Li Liang: It's cold, isn't it? [Leads her to the inner room and they sit
down at the table with a large covered bowl atop] I made you a little
something in the kitchen to help warm you up. Guess what it is?

Mulan [smiling]: What is it?

Li Liang: Your favorite: red bean soup! [Takes the cover off and ladles a
bowl for Mulan] It's still hot, too. [Hands it to her, then he gets up]

Mulan: What about you?

Li Liang: Oh, I have something else to do.

Mulan: What? [Li Liang walks over to the bed and hops in]

Li Liang: Warming up the bed. [Shivers at the bite of the cold blankets]
Brrr.it's cold!

Mulan [sits down on bed]: Now you know how hard it is.

Li Liang: I know it's been difficult for you. For my sake, I beg that you
will have patience.

Mulan: I'm already trying very hard. I just wish your mother wouldn't be so
excessive. Here, let me share some of this soup with you so can get warm,
too. [Starts to spoon-feed Li Liang]

Li Liang: Here, let me feed you, too. [He takes the spoon and also feeds

[Cut to hut where Jili is staying. He is sitting cross-legged on his bed
fast asleep. He stirs and then topples over on his side but is still asleep.
When he wakes up, he yawns and stands up on the bed]

Jili: It's morning. [Hops around on the bed, stretching and doing weird
poses. He hops off the bed] No illness and no pangs. I feel good! [He walks
over to the table where there is a tray of food and a note. Picking up the
note, he reads it out loud with his nose almost on the page] "Jili, after an
illness you can't eat fatty or greasy foods. I've already prepared some rice
porridge for you. Don't eat too much and get lots of rest. Mulan" [He looks
up in some sadness] It's my life's regret that I can't make Mulan my
bride. [He folds up the note, tucks it in his shirt, then sits down and
starts eating the porridge] Mmm.this is good. Mulan.[His eyes get dreamy as
he continues to eat his meal]

[Cut to courtyard in the Generals' Residence. Yiren is hanging up the
laundry and hugging it passionately. A maidservant walks by and sees Yiren
getting frisky with the cloak and comes over for a closer look]

Yiren [moaning]: Cousin... oh... cousin.[She grabs the cloth and rubs against it
sensuously, imagining it is Li Liang. Her voice is sultry, almost like a purr] It
pains me so that I am not able to marry you. [She jumps when she feels the maid tap her shoulder. She tries to settle herself and not look so flustered]

Maid: Mistress, are you.feeling well?

Yiren [embarrassed and trying to stay dignified]: I? Why would I not feel
well? [Changes the subject]What are you standing there for? It's going to
rain; how come you're not collecting the laundry? [She walks away hurriedly]

Maid [looks at the sky in puzzlement]: Rain?

[Cut to another courtyard in the Generals' Residence. Mulan and Li Liang are
sparring. They execute some fancy footwork and flying jumps]

Li Liang [cocking both fists]: Two dragons heading out to sea! [Mulan puts
up a hand to block, then suddenly stops sparring]

Mulan [pouting]: I'm not playing anymore.

Li Liang [concerned]: What's the matter? You don't feel well?

Mulan: I just feel really tired. Perhaps it's because I haven't slept very
well the past couple of days.

Li Liang: I know it's been hard on you.

Mulan [gets a mischievous grin]: Well, how are you going to recompense me?

Li Liang: Well... how about, today we don't go to headquarters! We'll go and
roam the streets.

Mulan: Yay! Let's go right now. [They both hurriedly leave the courtyard.
They don't notice that Yiren has seen them leave. Her eyes open wide when
she realizes they are going out to have fun, so she starts to head to her
aunt's room, then thinks better of it. She walks back and forth undecidedly,
then finally heads to her aunt's room]

[Cut to city streets. Li Liang and Mulan are at a vendor's stand that is
selling hair ornaments. Li Liang picks one up and shows it Mulan]

Li Liang: Do you think this ornament is pretty?

Mulan: Yes, it's pretty nice. I have lots of them at home, though; don't
waste your money on buying one.

Li Liang: Who said I was buying it for you? I want to buy it for my mother.

Mulan [nettled]: Then.go ahead and buy it. I have never barred you from
doing your filial duty.

Li Liang [chuckles]: Mulan, I was only teasing you. I want to be both a good
husband and a filial son. Come, help me pick out a nice one. I want everyone
to know I married a woman who is top-notch in both grace and martial arts.

Mulan [blushing]: If you don't have the grace to blush then I will be
embarrassed for you.

Li Liang: Oh, you don't believe me? Well, if you don't believe me, then I
won't buy it. [Pretends to return it to the display and Mulan stiffens,
making Li Liang chuckle at her again] Here, let me put this up. [He gently
puts the ornament in her hair] Mulan, having you for a wife has contented
me greatly.

Mulan: Don't speak so soon. I'll be happy if you feel the same way in thirty
or forty years.

Li Liang: Don't believe me? Well, we shall see. [Breaks in a grin and Mulan
smiles back at him. They walk further down the street]

[Neither has noticed Yiren watching them from behind a grating. She whimpers
forlornly at the loving scene before her. Jili is hiding underneath a large
basket and notices the whimpering sounds, but can't figure out where they
are coming from. He looks up and then slowly removes the basket, then comes
face to face with Yiren. They stare at each other blankly for a few seconds.
Jili suddenly springs to his feet]

Jili [yelling to the right]: Hey you! Stop running! [Yiren looks in that
direction and at the same instant, Jili starts running full tilt in the
opposite direction. Yiren sees the fleeing form of Jili]

Yiren [shouting]: Hey you! Stop running! [She starts chasing him down the
street. Further down the street, Jili is clutching a pole tightly and hoping
Yiren won't spot him. She comes down the street excitedly] Where is he?
Where is he? [She doesn't notice that Jili is clutching a pole that is
holding up a nearby gate, dangling several feet above the ground. She
continues on down the street. After she is out of sight, Jili slides off the
pole, knocking over a birdcage and then running in the opposite direction
that Yiren took]

[We next see Yiren still searching high and low for Jili. She is in such a
hurry and so absorbed in looking for him that she ends up running into a
cart full of straw, sending herself sprawling onto the ground and getting
covered with straw]

Yiren [in frustration]: That damned fool!

[Cut to the Generals' Residence. Li Liang's mother is in the sitting room
when Yiren comes in angrily. She stomps in the house and tries dusting off
her clothing]

Li Liang's mother [concerned]: What happened?

Yiren [crossly]: I met that damned fool again. [She is weeping tears of
frustration, and coupled with the strands of straw in her hair and the dirt
on her clothing and face, she truly looks a sight]

Li Liang's mother: Him again? That's unreasonable! Go to the military
headquarters and look for your cousin. Tell him to go send some men out to
find this person and arrest him! [Pats Yiren's face tenderly] We'll show him
that my niece isn't to be trifled with.

Yiren: Aunt, that won't be necessary. Cousin isn't at headquarters.

Li Liang's mother: Not at headquarters? Then where is he?

Yiren: He... He... He went to window shop with Cousin-In-Law.

Li Liang's mother: What? He didn't go to headquarters and went
window-shopping instead?

Yiren: Exactly. This morning, they deliberately left before you awoke,
flying off with such happiness on their faces.

Li Liang's mother [face hardening]: No wonder she didn't pay me respects
this morning. No sense of propriety.

Yiren: Aunt, you didn't see how they were acting out in public. So
lovey-dovey, like.. .like... [Shudders] Anyway, everyone on the street saw them.

Li Liang's mother [sternly]: Li Liang should know better. He is a general
and ought to act with more dignity. If his superiors saw that, it could
affect his future career advancement.

Yiren: Perhaps Cousin has long since ceased to worry about such things. [Li
Liang's mother looks positively venomous at the thought. You can see her
calculating ways to rein in Mulan when she returns]

[Cut to hut where Jili is staying. He is sprawled out on the bed asleep,
this time with his feet propped up on the wall. He stirs when he realizes
it's morning]

Jili [mumbling]: It's morning. Time to get up. [He tries to move his feet
from the wall but his right leg seems stuck in a bent position] Hey, how
come I can't seem to move this leg. [Pulls it with his hand but is still
unable to move his leg. He begins to get alarmed] It must be because the
Jade Emperor wants to punish me again. Your Majesty, your wayward servant
has already been shoved into the mortal ranks. If that's not enough for you
then you can take away my measly life, too, but please don't cripple my
measly leg, okay? It will make me look very funny when I wear my trousers
each day. Your Majesty, please, let me go. Let me go! [Sees no response from
the Jade Emperor] Fine, I won't beg you anymore, since you continue to
ignore me. [He gets out of bed but has to hop around because he can't
straighten his right leg] Help! Someone, help! [He hops out the door and
somehow ends up at a city street, lying with his back on the ground and his
right leg propped against a fence] My leg's almost completely crippled!
Help! [He uses his fist to pound his right leg but to no avail] Help!

[Jili keeps hollering for help and soon the little boy that helped him
previously comes running up again]

Boy: Uncle, are you almost dead again?

Jili: Oh, it's my savior. Can you help me find someone?

Boy: Is it General Hua Mulan?

Jili: Wow, you're smart. If I make it I promise that you will live the good
life from now on. Now hurry!

Boy: That's okay. Next time I see you don't die again, okay?

Jili: I promise I will exert my utmost to live next time. Now hurry up and
go find Hua Mulan, okay? Go! [The boy scampers off and soon finds Mulan. She
kneels to talk to him]

Mulan: It's you again, little friend.

Boy: It's that uncle again; this time he says he can't stand up.

Mulan [stands up and talks to a servant]: When General Li returns, tell him
to meet me at the hut. [She follows the little boy and they head for Jili.
Yiren is watching from the shadows and gets a cunning look in her eyes. She
follows Mulan and sees her approach the prone Jili]

Jili: Hey, hurry up!

Mulan: What is it now?

Jili: It's nothing.

Mulan: Let me see. [She grabs Jili and tries to lift him to his feet,
causing him to holler]

Jili: Ow! My leg!

[Yiren is watching from several yards away. It appears almost like Mulan is
getting physical with Jili, causing Yiren to watch in horror, then turn away
and head home]

[Cut to hut. Mulan is helping Jili back into his bed. He is groaning with
each movement of his leg]

Jili: I knew the Jade Emperor wouldn't let me off so easily. He'll make me
too weak to live and too strong to die. He won't be so forgiving. Ow.my leg!

Li Liang [walks in the door]: Now what?

Mulan: I don't know. He's been jabbering since we walked in the door.

Jili: You two needn't worry about me.

Li Liang: Then why did you call us over? Let me see how your leg is. [He
grabs his leg, then whips him around deftly a few times and then releases
him. Jili gets a surprised look on his face and flexes his leg easily]

Jili: Hey, it doesn't hurt anymore. [Flexes leg a few more times]

Mulan: Have you been doing a lot of walking the past few days?

Jili: How did you know?

Mulan: If you do lots of walking, your leg can cramp up. Just straighten out
your leg and the cramp will go away.

Jili: There's such a thing as cramps? Then I'll have to be careful not to
walk too much in the future.

Li Liang [sighing]: True, you did offend the Jade Emperor. But he won't go
and pick on you at all hours of the day. Don't think too highly of yourself.

[Jili looks sheepish and chuckles a little]

[Cut to Generals' Residence, where there are several servants sweeping and
cleaning the main sitting room]

Li Liang's mother: Sweep towards the inside of the house.

[Yiren comes running in the house excitedly]

Yiren: Oh no! Oh no! [She grabs her aunt and is about to start whispering
her story but she notices all the servants have stopped work and are trying
to eavesdrop. She pulls her aunt aside to another room so they can talk
privately] Aunt, I just saw Cousin-In-Law with a man. She was hugging him
and caressing him, then they walked into a room together!

Li Liang's mother [alarmed]: You aren't mistaken?

Yiren: I saw it with my own two eyes. How could I be mistaken?

Li Liang's mother: Let's go find your cousin and tell him.

Yiren: Aunt, by the time we find Cousin, Cousin-In-Law will have already
returned. [Li Liang's mother nods grimly]

[Cut to front room of hut. Li Liang's mother and Yiren lead several male
servants with stout clubs inside. They creep to the bedroom, where Jili is

Li Liang's mother [tells servants]: Hit him! Thrash him well!

[The servants start beating Jili as he is huddled under his blankets while
Li Liang's mother and Yiren are goading them on. Li Liang and Mulan come
running in the room]

Li Liang: Everyone, halt! [The servants all stop beating Jili and he peeks
out from his blanket. His face is a mass of purple bruises and he looks
soundly thrashed]

Mulan [going to him]: Jili, are you hurt badly?

Jili [dazed]: Not yet. I'm not dead yet.

Li Liang [sternly]: Mother, what's this all about?

Yiren: Um... he persecuted me! That's why I asked Aunt to bring these people to
avenge me.

Li Liang's mother: Yeah! That's right! He was picking on Yiren, so we had to
teach him a lesson.

Jili [supported by Mulan]: Who picked on you? The last two times we met I
was the loser! I picked on you?

Mulan: Popo, even if he and Yiren had a misunderstanding, you shouldn't go
injuring people willy-nilly.

Li Liang's mother [defensive]: Well, what of it? What are you going to do,
haul me away to jail?

Jili: Yes, take her away to jail!

Li Liang [waving his arms]: That's enough! Stop bickering! We need to take
care of Jili's wounds first.

Mulan: We don't have any Golden Gun medicine here. We should take him back

Li Liang: That's just as well. [Turns to servants] Carry him back to the

Yiren [shocked]: What? We're really going to take him home with us?

Li Liang [exasperated]: This is all your fault and you're still complaining?
[One servant carries Jili and the others follow Mulan and Li Liang out the
door. Li Liang's mother and Yiren remain behind looking both puzzled about
Jili's relationship with Li Liang and a little ashamed of what they did]

[Cut to Generals' Residence. Jili is seated at a table with Mulan on one
side and Li Liang helping to anoint his bruised face. He is loudly groaning
at the pain]

Jili: Hey, could you be a little gentler?

Yiren [in disgust]: I've never seen a man who makes such a fuss over pain.

Jili [glares at Yiren]: You.let me beat you up and the see how you feel?

Li Liang's mother: All right, that's enough bickering. [To Li Liang and
Mulan] Who is he and where's he from?

Li Liang: Er... he's.

Mulan: He's my foster brother.

Li Liang: That's right, he's Mulan's foster brother.

Mulan: Brother Liang, he still needs medicine for a few more days. We may as
well keep him here with us a while longer so we don't need to run back and

Jili: I don't mean to impose.

Mulan [brushes him off]: My family member did this to you; the least I can
do is help you heal up quickly. Don't worry about anything and just focus on

Jili: Well, in that case, I hope you don't mind.[Shoots Yiren a look and
gets sarcastic] that I'm disturbing you.

[Li Liang's mother smiles weakly while Yiren glares at Jili]

[Cut to Li Liang and Mulan's quarters at night. Mulan is sitting at a table
sighing. Li Liang walks over and sits next to her]

Li Liang: Is Jili settled down now?

Mulan: He's a bachelor; how complicated is it to settle him down?

Li Liang: What's the matter, you're still mad?

Mulan: Even if Jili wasn't our savior, was just a commoner, and offended
Yiren, she shouldn't have rounded up so many people to go thrash him. If
word got out, everyone would think that you and I pick on people over petty

Li Liang: True. I agree that this time they went overboard a little.

Mulan [turns to him]: You agree that they went overboard? Good. Go tell

Li Liang: How can I tell them? In spite of it all, she's still my mother.

Mulan: Fine then. You're just delaying the inevitable. We'll wait until
someone gets killed because of them, with the authorities searching for
them, and then you can tell them. [Sees Li Liang isn't saying anything] So
are you going to tell them? If you're not, then I'll do it. [She gets up
quickly and starts to head for the door but Li Liang stops her]

Li Liang: I better go do it. You wait here for me.

Mulan: No. I'm going to go with you.

Li Liang: That's not a good idea.

Mulan: I know your mother too well. She'll start crying and wailing and you
won't be able to reason with her at all.

Li Liang: You know that she can't stand to lose face. If you're standing
there how can I talk to her?

Mulan: Fine. We'll compromise. I'll stand outside the door and listen in but
I won't go inside. How's that?

Li Liang [gives up]: Fine. I'm afraid of you. Let's go. [They both head out
the door]

[Cut to Li Liang's mother's rooms. She is sitting down with Yiren at her

Li Liang's mother: How could you be so careless as to accuse them of

Yiren [protesting]: But I saw them with my own two eyes hugging and carrying
on, then walking indoors together.

Li Liang's mother: If they really had an affair going on, why would Li Liang
be around?

Yiren: How was I supposed to know he was around?

Li Liang's mother: It's a good thing you and that Su Jili had previous
history with each other, otherwise, how would I explain what happened to Li

[Mulan walks in angrily, with Li Liang trying to catch up with her]

Mulan: That's easy to explain. You mistakenly caught me and thought I was an

Li Liang: Mother, what the heck were you two doing?

Mulan: Popo, even if you don't have faith in me you should at least have
faith in your son. Would he marry a woman who would turn her back on her
husband and take a lover after barely a month of marriage? [Li Liang's
mother is speechless at this outburst and starts to think she may have erred
in jumping to conclusions. Mulan storms off and Li Liang tries to catch her]

Li Liang: Mulan! Mulan!

Li Liang's mother [to Li Liang]: Hey! What's this all about?

Li Liang [shortly]: Mother! You really went too far this time! [Turns to
catch up to Mulan]

Li Liang's mother [gets up and follows her son]: Hey! Li Liang! [She leaves
Yiren behind looking guilty about her part in this mess]

[Cut to Mulan and Li Liang's quarters. She has stormed back inside and Li
Liang follows shortly. Mulan is standing there with her arms crossed and
looking decidedly angry. Li Liang approaches her quietly]

Li Liang: Mulan, I'm sorry.

Mulan [shortly]: You didn't do anything wrong; you don't need to apologize.
[Turns and sits on a chair]

Li Liang [pulls up a stool]: I know that this time my mother and Yiren went
too far. I've already confronted. Don't be angry anymore, please?

Mulan [pouting]: You think that you only need to tell me "don't be angry" and
I won't feel angry anymore? This world doesn't have anything that easy. They
thought I was an unfaithful wife who took a lover. How do you expect me to
live this down?

Li Liang [soothing]: But I know you're not that type of woman. Isn't that

Mulan: Ever since you married me, I've poured tea and paid my respects and
warmed her bed for her. But in your mother's eyes, she still thinks I'm a
unfit daughter-in-law. Now she thinks I'm an untrustworthy woman to boot!
[Starts to weep in frustration. Li Liang comes closer and puts his arm

Li Liang [gently]: Mulan, I know that ever since you married me you've
endured a lot.

Mulan [shortly]: What's the use of just knowing it?

Li Liang: Then what do you want me to do? Tell me and I'll do it.

Mulan [gets a determined look]: Very. From now on, I won't let your mother
walk all over me anymore. [Sees Li Liang hesistating] You think that letting
her have her way in everything is a sign of filial piety?

Li Liang: But what if we end up upsetting the peace of the household?

Mulan: You and I manage thousands and thousands of soldiers. Are you saying
that we can't even manage your mother? I'm going to teach her a lesson.

Li Liang: Well, do as you see fit. But.please show some caution.

Mulan: No matter what I do, I won't be able to top them. [Muttering]
Catching me in flagrante dilecto. My hats off to them for thinking up that
one! [Walks out the door, leaving Li Liang worried about what fireworks will
come up next]

[Cut to dining room. Li Liang's mother and Yiren are already seated at the
table when Mulan and Li Liang walk in. The maid greets them]

Mulan [to servant]: Where's Master Su? Go fetch him to come have breakfast.

Maid: We've already sent Laifu (name of one of the male servants) to call

[Laifu comes running into the dining room excitedly]

Laifu: Oh no! Oh no!

Li Liang: What's all the commotion for?

Laifu: Master Su has fainted on his bed and I can't wake him up!

Mulan: Let me go see how he is. [Leaves room with Laifu]

Li Liang [turns to Li Liang's mother]: Mother, I'm going to see how he is,
too. [Leaves room following Mulan]

[Li Liang's mother and Yiren exchange worried looks]

Li Liang's mother: Should we be concerned?

Yiren [scoffing]: Oh, all he received was a few club blows. He
shouldn't.[starts to worry] die so easily, will he?

Li Liang's mother [worried]: We had better go see how he is. [They both get
up and head out the door]

[Cut to the guest room where Jili is staying. He is lying on a cot and
doesn't appear to be moving. Mulan walks over and sits on the edge of the
bed to check him out. Li Liang follows shortly later and looks worried]

Li Liang: How is he?

Mulan: Um. [she looks to Laifu] You'd best wait for us outside. [He bows and
leaves. Just as he leaves, Li Liang's mother and Yiren hustle into the room]

Li Liang's mother: How is he? He isn't dead, is he?

[Mulan walks over to the door and closes it, then she turns around and faces

Mulan: Well, take a look at what your mother has wrought. Now a man is dead.
[Everyone gasps in shock]

Li Liang [checking for signs of Jili's breath]: He died?

Mulan [to Li Liang's mother]: He didn't do anything to you. How could you
get him killed like this?

Li Liang's mother [panicking]: How was I supposed to know he was a hollow
shell? I only told our people to lightly beat him a few
times. How could I know he'd die so easily?

Yiren: Exactly! Who told him to have such a weak body to succumb so easily?
This is no concern of ours.

Mulan [coldly]: It doesn't matter if we think it's our concern or not. I
suggest you two go to the magistrate's and turn yourself in.

Li Liang's mother [shocked]: What? You want to take me to the magistrate's?

Mulan: I'm not taking you there. I want you to turn yourself in. Otherwise,
I won't need to wait for the entire family to get dragged down before I

Yiren [panicking]: Confess? Aunt, I don't want to go to jail!

Li Liang's mother [in great fear]: Son.. .[she reaches over and drags Li Liang
over] You have to think of some way to save me!

Li Liang: Er...

Mulan: The law applies equally to the greatest and smallest subjects. We
can't shield you from the law.

Li Liang's mother [crying and dragging Li Liang's arm]: What? Son, you can't
expect your mother to go to jail at her age!

[Suddenly, there is a knock at the door]

Li Liang: Who is it?

Laifu [from outside]: Master, General Liu from headquarters is here to see

Li Liang [flustered]: Oh? Tell him to wait a few minutes for me.

General Liu [from outside]: General Li, I've already come inside.  [Li
Liang's mother and Yiren are in a complete panic]

Yiren: What are we going to do? What are we going to do? [They both cling to
Li Liang but he can't think of what to do, either]

Mulan [coolly]: If he comes in here and finds out that a murder has just
occurred, it would be difficult for you to turn yourself in even if you
wanted to. The penalty is doubled!

Li Liang's mother [clutches Li Liang's arm]: What? Think of a solution!
Think of a solution!

General Liu [still outside]: General Li... General Hua, is everything all right
with you?

Mulan: Er.. .just wait a few minutes for us. [To Li Liang's mother] You two,
carry him into the closet with you.

Yiren [shocked]: What? You want us to carry him?

Mulan: You won't carry him? You want to spend a few more years in jail?
Fine. I'll go open the door then.

[Yiren and Li Liang's mother wail in despair, so Li Liang steps in]

Li Liang: Mulan, wait a minute. [He picks up Jili's body and carries him to
the large closet. He puts his body inside, then Li Liang's mother steps in
next. Yiren is the last to squeeze inside. Mulan shuts the doors on them,
then she and Li Liang go to open the door for General Zhou]

General Liu: General Li. General Hua. It took you a long time to come open
the door. I hope I wasn't interrupting something?

Li Liang: Um. no, it was nothing. Please, would you like to stay for tea?

General Liu: That won't be necessary. I need to leave now. [We see a shot of
Yiren and Li Liang's mother huddled in the tiny closet. Yiren fidgets and
Jili's head ends up falling on her shoulder. She grits her teeth to stifle a
scream and jiggles her shoulder to hopefully push Jili's head back towards
the other side of the closet and off her shoulder. Instead, it bounces
several times, making a tapping sound against the closet door] What is that
sound? [Yiren suddenly stops her jiggling]

Mulan: Er.. that was just me stepping on the flooring. Please, have a seat.
[He walks inside and admires the architecture]

General Liu: This house is very well-built.

Li Liang: Er... um... what brings you here to grace us with your presence?

General Liu: Oh, nothing much. Sir Shangshu asked me to invite you two to
his home for a get-together.

Li Liang [puzzled]: He told us about that yesterday already.

General Liu: He did? Well, then it must be because he has too many things on
his mind so he forgot. Sorry to disturb you.

Li Liang: I'm sorry that you wasted a trip out here.

General Liu: Well, I must take my leave now.

Mulan: Let me escort you. After you. [She walks out the door with General
Liu. Li Liang hurriedly shuts the door after they leave]

[Outside in the courtyard, Mulan talks to General Liu]

Mulan: General Liu, it's such an imposition to ask you to make a special
trip out here.

General Liu: It's no problem. Might I ask what it was all about?

Mulan: Um.it's really nothing big. I'll explain it all to you another day.

General Liu: Alright. I'll take my leave now, then. [Salutes]

[Meanwhile, back in the room where Li Liang's mother and Yiren were stuck in
the closet with Jili's body, Li Liang has placed the body back on the cot]

Yiren [pleading]: Aunt, I don't want to go to jail and I don't want to

Li Liang's mother [pulling Li Liang's arm]: Quick, son, think of a solution
to this mess!

Li Liang [exasperated]: What solution can I have when we have a dead body

Li Liang's mother: Does he have any kin in the city?

Li Liang: No.

Li Liang's mother: I know. We'll wait until the witching hour and then we'll
secretly bury him! [Yiren nods in agreement at this plan, but Mulan happens
to overhear this and walks in]

Mulan: Popo, I must congratulate you on thinking up such a plan. If nothing
else, he is still a human life.

Li Liang's mother: Daughter-in-law, I know he's your foster brother, but
dead is dead. If you send me to spend the rest of my days in jail, it won't
bring him back. Do me a favor and don't pursue this any further.

Mulan: Popo, you sullied my reputation and murdered my foster brother.
Besides, a nation has its laws. I'm sorry, but I can't do you this favor.

Li Liang's mother [starts to put on the charm]: Uh. Daughter-In-Law, I was
wrong. But you are a great and generous person; you won't take it out on me, right?
I swear that from now on I will never treat you like this again.

Yiren [getting into the spirit]: Exactly, Cousin-In-Law. It's all because we
temporarily lost our reason. Just let us slide with this, please?

Mulan [sternly]: No. We are the Emperor's agents. We must uphold the law at
all times. How can we excuse a criminal in our own family?

Li Liang's mother [turns to Li Liang]: Oh, Li Liang! Save your mother!
[Drops to her knees, causing Li Liang to drop to his knees to. Li Liang's
mother starts wailing and carrying on] I don't want to go to jail!

Li Liang: Mother, why are you doing this? Mother!

Li Liang's mother: If you two won't help me hide this crime, I will keep
kneeling here and I will refuse to get up! Or, I will go and bash my head
against the wall. A life for a life. Even if I have to die at home I refuse
to go to jail! [Everyone is so absorbed in this spectacle that no one sees
Jili start to lift his head from the cot and looks around dazedly]

Li Liang: Mother, get up first and then we'll discuss this.

Jili: Why all the noise? [Yiren walks over and shoves Jili back on to the

Yiren [crossly]: It's none of your business. [Turns to her aunt] Aunt, I
think.[It finally sinks in that Jili has seemingly returned to life. Yiren
starts screaming] Ahh! The dead live again! [Jili clutches Yiren and she
tries to squirm away] Ahh! Stop grabbing me! I didn't beat you! Don't come
to me to avenge your death!

[Breaking away, she clutches her aunt in fear while Mulan looks on. Li Liang
hurries to check the now-sitting Jili's pulse]

Li Liang [surprised]: He has a pulse. He isn't dead.

Li Liang's mother [dumbfounded]: He's not dead?

Mulan [thinking quickly]: Er. Popo, you are in luck! He must have been in a
fake death because his breathing and blood pressure were irregular.

[Li Liang's mother and Yiren start clapping their hands in glee and relief
at the good news. Li Liang is still trying to figure out how he missed
Jili's pulse earlier]

Li Liang's mother: Ah mi tuo fo! Ah mi tuo fo! He isn't dead! He isn't dead!

Mulan: Jili, how do you feel? Does your head or your chest hurt?

Jili [mumbling]: My head is a little.dizzy. And my chest is a

Li Liang's mother [elated]: No problem! All we need to do is give you the
proper medicine to help you recover and you will be better in no time.
[Yiren nods in agreement]

Mulan: Oh, well let me tell the servants to get started.

Li Liang's mother: Oh no, servants are clumsy at such things. I will take
care of this personally.

Mulan: Oh.

Jili: How could I bear to have you do this personally, madam? I couldn't do
that to you.

Li Liang's mother: Oh, it's no problem. No problem at all! You just focus on
getting better. [Grabs Yiren] Come on, we better leave. [They both
hustle out the door, leaving Mulan and Li Liang smiling at the way the whole
situation ended up]

[Cut to guest room. Jili is reading a book with his nose on the page and
chuckling at what he is reading. He is leaning over so far that his nose is
almost hitting the table. Li Liang's mother and Yiren come in carrying a
bowl of something]

Li Liang's mother: Master Su, are you feeling alright? [Yiren puts the bowl down
roughly on the table and looks disapprovingly at Jili]

Jili: Madam, I'd prefer if you just call me Jili. I don't want to cramp your

Li Liang's mother: I'll call you whatever you like. Tell me, how are you
feeling today?

Jili: Well, my head is a little.dizzy. And my chest is a little.painful.

Yiren [crossly]: Hey, Su Jili, you'd better not be faking and frightening
people like this!

Jili: I didn't ask for your sympathy. What's the matter? Why should I fake
in front of you and make you pity me?

Li Liang's mother [soothing]: Oh, don't mind her; she's just a child. She
doesn't understand things yet.

Jili: She's still a child? If her fate was good she would already be
someone's grandma by now.

Yiren [irate]: What? Are you saying that my fate isn't good?

Jili: Oh. So you want to marry someone? Well, let me give you some advice.
Don't be so vicious towards people. Don't make something out of nothing. Be
nice to people. I guarantee that in a hundred years you will be married off
to someone.

Yiren [furious]: You.[Li Liang's mother has to forcibly restrain Yiren to
prevent her from choking Jili]

Li Liang's mother: Yiren, regardless of everything, he's our guest now.
Don't pick fights with him. [Turns to Jili] Don't be offended by her. [Yiren
keeps glaring at Jili but holds her tongue] Have some of this soup. It's
still hot. Be careful, it's quite hot.

Jili: Okay. [He lifts the lid off the soup bowl and takes a sip]

Li Liang's mother: So, what do you think? How is it?

Jili: Hmm.it's.[takes another sip] chicken soup with ginseng.

Li Liang's mother: Exactly! Is it good?

Jili: But.this chicken is too old plus there isn't very much ginseng in it.
[Li Liang's mother's face falls at his criticism. He takes a few more sips]
The flavor isn't strong enough. If I wasn't paying attention I wouldn't have
been able to tell that this is chicken soup with ginseng.

Yiren [sneers at Jili]: Hey! What's this all about? You think you're
something? My aunt spent half the day making this bowl of soup for you, and
you have the gall to fuss and nitpick about it?

Jili: Madam asked me for my opinion so I gave her a straight answer. [Yiren
is about to erupt again and start hitting Jili, so Li Liang's mother
restrains her]

Li Liang's mother: Alright. [Gives Yiren a warning look] Forget about it.
[Turns to Jili] Jili, do you think you can guzzle the soup down even though
it doesn't taste very good? Tomorrow, I will make another batch of soup, but
I will make sure it tastes better, alright?

Jili: Then, I hope you don't mind.

Li Liang's mother: It's no problem, really. We'll take our leave now.
[Starts head out the door but Jili calls after them]

Jili: Oh, by the way, do you think that you could add a small piece of fat
pork to the soup? Don't put beef because I don't like it. This will make it
more aromatic.

Li Liang's mother: Oh. Alright. [Doesn't notice the daggers Yiren is shooting
in Jili's direction] Is there anything else?

Jili: There's nothing else. When you leave could you bar the door? Thank

[Yiren starts towards Jili again but Li Liang's mother grabs her arm and
pulls her out the door. Jili continues to drink the soup]

Jili: You know, this isn't half bad.

[Cut to courtyard. Li Liang's mother is following Yiren, who is stomping her
feet in fury at Jili's cheekiness]

Yiren: He's utterly unreasonable! Absolutely unreasonable! That damned fool
is a damned idiot!

Li Liang's mother [soothing]: Yiren, you have to be able to put up with
little darts if you want to achieve the greater goal. Don't let him get
under your skin.

Yiren [snapping]: He goes too far!

Li Liang's mother: Well, who told us to beat the wrong person? Now all he
has to do is complain that something doesn't feel right and we could be in
big trouble. Just put up with it a little while longer, at least until he
recovers from his wounds.

Yiren [gruffly]: So how long do we have?

Li Liang's mother: Once he recovers from his wounds, I'd be surprised if I
don't kick him out the door immediately. [Neither notices Li Liang
overhearing their words]

Li Liang [muttering]: Mulan wants to have Jili stay with us. How am I going
to broach the subject?

Li Liang's mother [noticing Li Liang]: Li Liang, what are you mumbling?

Li Liang: Oh, nothing. [He walks over to Li Liang's mother and whispers to
her] Mother, I need to discuss something with you.

Li Liang's mother: Go ahead and tell me then. Yiren's family, so you can say
anything in front of her.

Li Liang: I think we'd better go into another room to talk about this.

Li Liang's mother: Why do you have to be so secretive? [To Yiren] Yiren,
wait for me out here. I'll be back in a few minutes. [She walks off with Li