[Cut to scene just outside the city. They are on an empty road out in the
countryside, with Li Liang still leading Chenen and Mulan bringing up the
rear. They stop when they reach the gravestone of Marshal Li. Chenen sees
the gravestone and a flicker of recognition of the name on it crosses his
face, though he tries to look unconcerned. Mulan and Li Liang watch him

Chenen: Why have you brought me to this place? Who rests here?

Li Liang: This is the gravestone of the great Sui marshal, Li Cong.

[Chenen looks shaken at this revelation, but tries to hide it from Mulan and
Li Liang]

Chenen: I'm only a mere commoner. How could I possibly know such a famous
and great man?

Mulan [face downcast]: He was a hero. To save the Crown Prince, he
sacrificed his own life on the battlefield. He is truly worthy of honor and

[Chenen nods but does not say anything]

Li Liang: Haven't you heard the tale of his life? [Seeing Chenen is getting
fidgety] Then let me tell you a story...

Chenen: I don't wish to hear any stories. [Turns to leave]

Mulan: If you stay to hear this tale, I will give you another ten pieces of

Chenen: Well, alright then.

Li Liang: Marshal Li was my uncle. Even though he was a military man, he was
gentle and honest. Do you know why he never married?

Chenen: I am not his relative, nor did I ever make his acquaintance. How could
I know this?

Li Liang: It's because he had his heart set on one woman. Her name was
Yuan-Yuan. [Chenen looks shocked at this, but remains silent] They were
soulmates and intended to marry. But the war lingered for years, and they
were unable to get married. My uncle was severely injured in battle and was
taken for dead. [Chenen keeps trying to hide his face from Li Liang, but
Li Liang keeps trying to meet his eyes while he continues the narrative]
Yuan-Yuan was heartbroken, but she was in predicament: she was pregnant with
my uncle's child. That child was you!

Chenen [turning around sharply]: What did you say?

Li Liang: Oh, I forgot, it couldn't be you. I was referring to Yu Chenen.
You two have his look, so I mistook you for him. [Chenen begins to look
shocked and confused, as if he doesn't believe what his ears are telling
him] Anyway, she knew that life would be difficult having a baby out of
wedlock and so she contemplated suicide, but she also didn't want to abandon
her baby to a life as an orphan. So, she married my uncle's best friend, a
man of the surname Yu. She always hid this secret from everyone, including
her husband. [Chenen begins to weep silently for his mother's suffering for
his sake] But one day, her husband died in battle. Chenen's mother died out of
guilt towards her husband, but deep inside she loved my uncle until her dying day.

Chenen [shouting and crying]: What are you saying?!

Li Liang [continues unperturbed]: Before your mother died, she told this
secret to her brother. My uncle found out the truth from him, that you are
his son!

Chenen: No! My surname is Yu! My father was Yu Cun Zhong. He was a famous
war hero and general. I am NOT your uncle's son! All these years, he never
told me I was his son. It's impossible. Impossible!

Mulan: Marshal Li knew you have always worshipped your father, so he never
told you the truth because he didn't think you could bear it.

Li Liang: Haven't you noticed that he always treated you like his son?

Chenen: NO! It's impossible! It can't be! You're lying to me!

Li Liang: It's the plain truth! Look [pulls out the jade piece his uncle
gave him], this jade was originally part of a pair used to set my uncle and
your mother's engagement. You should have the mate to this pair in your
keeping, isn't that right? [Mulan has tears in her eyes, while Chenen is
openly starting to weep in shock and pain. Li Liang addresses the
gravestone] Uncle, when we were stuck in Hulu Valley, you knew you would
probably not survive. You made me promise that no matter what
happened I would make sure I returned this jade to your son, Chenen.

Chenen [falling apart emotionally]: I killed my father, my own father! [He
falls to his knees in front of the grave in his great sorrow. Li Liang looks
on in sympathy. Suddenly, Chenen rams his head against the gravestone in an
attempt at suicide. Mulan and Li Liang hurry to pick him up and tend to him]

[Cut to quarters in the camp. Li Liang is pacing back and forth while Mulan
is sitting nervously. Both are waiting for Chenen to wake up. He is lying in
bed with his forehead bandaged. He wakes up and sits up quickly]

Li Liang: Chenen, you're awake. How do you feel?

Chenen [eyes ablaze]: Why? Why didn't you let me die?

Li Liang: Chenen, you need to calm down. Calm down.

Chenen: I killed my own father. I am an unworthy son. I don't deserve
to live. Let me die!

Li Liang: Calm down. Listen to me. You didn't kill your father; he died
serving his country. The Tujue killed him, not you.

Chenen: If I hadn't been so cocky and aggressive, attacking when my position
was weak, none of this would have happened and my father would still be
alive. It's all my fault!

Li Liang [getting exasperated]: Stop blaming yourself for everything! The
other generals also share some blame for what happened. Are you saying they
should share the blame for causing the marshal's death?

Chenen: If I hadn't insisted on attacking, father would have listened to
your plan to prepare a suitable defense before attacking. He would never
have taken such a risk. It's all my fault. Even if I die ten thousand times,
I cannot wash away this sin. [Gets on his knees] Please, I beg you, let me
die. Let me die!

Li Liang: Chenen, get up first.

Mulan [out of patience]: Die, die, die. That's all you think about. Do you
think death will solve your problems? You're such a coward!

Li Liang: Mulan.

Mulan [still disgusted]: Marshal Li had such high hopes for you. He hoped
you would become a great man who could prop up the sky. He hoped you would
become a war hero and genius on the battlefield. Who knew that you would
give up so easily once you experienced a setback or mistake? You fall apart
too easily. You have a duty to his memory and to your countrymen's hopes.
You gutless worm!

Li Liang [steps forward]: Mulan, you shouldn't speak so harshly to him.
Aren't you worried he might really go and kill himself?

Mulan: If he is so spineless, then let him die! Just keep in mind that if he
died like this, he wouldn't dare show his face before Marshal Li in heaven.
General Li, let's go. [Drags Li Liang out the door despite his protests]
Come on! [They both leave Chenen alone with his thoughts and demons]

[Cut to the Marshal's grave marker. It is night and there is a low fog
covering everything. Chenen is there by himself. He kneels before his
father's gravestone]

Chenen: Father, I finally understand the love you gave raising me and
teaching me. Alas, I didn't see it at the time. I have failed you as a son.
Why? Why didn't you tell me sooner that I was your child? Why
didn't you give me the chance to love you? Maybe you wouldn't have died the
way you did. Maybe I could have avoided the mess I got myself in to. I will
never be able to wash away the pain I feel, the regret. [Turns away and gets
pensive] I know now, this lifetime will be weighted down with guilt and
sorrow. I'm better off joining you in the next world! [Draws a dagger and
prepares to commit suicide. Before he can plunge the knife in himself,
though, he hears Mulan's earlier words in his head]

Mulan [echoing in Chenen's mind]: Die, die, die. That's all you think about.
Do you think death will solve your problems? You're such a coward! Marshal
Li had such high hopes for you. He hoped you would become a great man who
could prop up the sky. He hoped you would become a war hero and genius on
the battlefield. Who knew that you would give up so easily once you
experienced a setback or mistake? You fall apart too easily. You have a duty
to his memory and to your countrymen's hopes. You gutless worm! .If he is so
spineless, then let him die! Just keep in mind that if he died like this, he
wouldn't dare show his face before Marshal Li in heaven.

[Chenen starts screaming with the pain in his mind, then runs off]

[Cut to Second Prince's quarters. He is sitting at a table drinking tea when
a soldier runs in and salutes]

Soldier: Your Highness, I have urgent news. The Tujue have mobilized an army
and are on the move. They are preparing to attack us at Bienguan!

Second Prince [looking bored]: What's the big deal? If the Tujue are here,
then the Tujue are here. What's there to worry about?

Soldier: The reports say they are conquering everything in their path.

Second Prince: When dealing with barbarians, brute force can only get you so
far. You have to use brains to get the better of them. Actually, we can send
some dead soldiers to serve as bait. As soon as the barbarians check out the
bait, we will retreat and pull them in to where we will have three
battalions waiting for them. These barbarians may be strong physically, but
their military tactics are weak. Victory goes to their heads and they stop
taking precautions. When they see our troops retreating, they will follow.
The soldiers in their lead ranks will busily start looting and sacking the
land and they will not notice our reinforcements coming. By the time they
are caught, it will be too late for them, as the cavalry behind them will
not be able to follow them so quickly. Without support, the Tujue attack
will fall apart.

Soldier: Your Highness, you see things very clearly. You have my regards.

Second Prince: This strategy is but child's play. I still have a thing or
two to learn from our generals.

Soldier: Your Highness, you know much about military strategy and tactics.
It is unfortunate that you were born too late, or you would have been Crown

Second Prince [smiles at the compliment, then acts offended]: How dare you
say such traitorous words! You have insulted my brother and me!

[Soldier, scared that he might lose his head, genuflects several times and
begs for mercy. The Second Prince turns away]

Second Prince: You're right. Even though my brother has great enthusiasm for
military affairs, he doesn't like reading and really isn't very good with
the martial arts. However, he is a kind man. When he becomes Emperor, he
will be an excellent ruler. [Turns to soldier] In future, be careful what
you say, lest my brother hears about it and orders you executed. Now leave.
[Soldier bows and leaves. Eunuch Gui walks in with a letter from the Emperor
and hands it to the Second Prince. He opens it and reads it quickly]

Eunuch Gui: Your Highness, I assume the letter asks you and the Crown Prince
to return to the palace?

Second Prince: My parents are coming to Youzhou to inspect the armies'
fitness for battle. [Sees Eunuch Gui leaving] Where are you going?

Eunuch Gui: The Crown Prince is currently in a meeting with another
official. I must pass this word to him immediately.

Second Prince: Listen up. No one must tell my brother of these developments.
[Pastes a smile on his face] I want to give him a pleasant surprise.
[Puzzled and concerned, Eunuch Gui obeys and leaves]

[Cut to street in the city. The Crown Prince and the Second Prince are
walking together]

Crown Prince: I hear from Eunuch Gui that you are responsible for all the
remodeling going on in our quarters. Is this true?

Second Prince: Yes, it was my idea. I find our quarters have no sense of
style or substance. I don't know if you have noticed this yourself.

Crown Prince: Now that you mention it, I agree with you.

Second Prince: That's why I asked Eunuch Gui to supervise the renovations to
make our quarters more comfortable and homey.

Crown Prince: Brother, you are so careful and thoughtful. [They continue
walking down the street when a young lady runs into the Crown Prince. He
immediately helps her up] Miss, are you okay?

Miss [who actually looks like a harlot]: Mister, I think I twisted my ankle.

Crown Prince: Then let me take you to see a doctor.

Miss: No, that won't be necessary. I live over in Furong House (a local

Crown Prince: Furong House? I go there often. How come I don't recognize
you? How could I not remember such a beautiful young lady?

Miss: I'm new there.

Crown Prince: Oh, so you're new? [Turns to Second Prince] Brother, why don't
you go with me to Furong House to escort this young lady, then we can stop
for some wine?

Second Prince: Sounds good. [Starts to wince as if he suddenly hurt himself]
No, wait, I can't do that. My stomach suddenly started hurting. I think it
best if you escort her back yourself.

Crown Prince: Well, then, I'll go by myself.

[Cut back to the Crown Prince and Second Prince's quarters. The Second
Prince is directing the servants where to place the new floral arrangements
and other decorations for the remodeling effort. Eunuch Gui looks at the
proceedings with some worry on his face]

Eunuch Gui: Your Highness, the Emperor doesn't like fancy floral decorations
and such things. If he sees them here, won't he be a bit. turned off?

Second Prince: I told my brother that, too, but he said that since we are
remodeling, we may as well make it as pretty and fancy as possible. Eunuch
Gui, maybe you should go talk to him and see if you can persuade him.

Eunuch Gui: I? The Crown Prince won't listen to me.

Second Prince: So you are scared of him, too? Then I'll go. However, I've
tried several times already without success.

Eunuch Gui: Perhaps you should leave him be.

Second Prince: I can't do that. If my father gets angry, he will blame my

Eunuch Gui: Your Highness, if the Crown Prince is not afraid of your
father's reaction, then you shouldn't worry for him.

[Second Prince dismisses Eunuch Gui. The prince has a gleam of satisfaction
in his eyes. This promises to be a "pleasant surprise" for his brother,

[Cut to Second Prince's quarters. Some maids are putting a fancy tablecloth
on the table along with an even fancier floral arrangement. The Second
Prince walks in and starts to scold them]

Second Prince: What do you think you are doing?

Servant: Your Highness, didn't you say to decorate everything in these

Second Prince: My parents will not be visiting my rooms here, so it doesn't
need any renovations. Didn't I give explicit instructions that no women are
allowed to set foot in my quarters? How dare you flout my orders!

Servant: All the eunuchs are busy with other duties, so we thought we'd be
of use here.

Second Prince: I don't care how cluttered or dirty my rooms are, I don't
want you to set foot in here. Leave now. And take these flowers and
decorations with you. [The maids hurriedly leave the room]

Eunuch Gui [hurrying in]: Your Highness, the Emperor and Empress have

Second Prince [surprised]: I thought they weren't arriving until the fourth
of next month? Why are they here so soon? [He hurries to greet them]

[Cut to main room outside. The Emperor and Empress are looking at the new
decorations and renovations when the Second Prince walks in. The Second
Prince bows before his parents]

Empress: Why are you the only one here? Where is your brother?

Second Prince: Brother? He... uh, he went to... no, wait, he went to the local
temple to meditate.

Empress: Meditate? Stop trying to cover for him. I know he is too restless
of a fellow to go and meditate. Where did he really go?

Second Prince: Mother, he really did go to meditate.

Empress: Stop trying to lie to your mother.

Emperor: Where did your brother go? Tell us immediately, lest you anger your
mother even further.

Second Prince: Well, yesterday when we were walking in the street, he met a
young lady and escorted her home. to Furong House.

Emperor: Furong House?

Second Prince: It's a brothel.

Empress [sputtering in anger]: Servants, come here! I want you to go to
Furong House and bring back the Crown Prince immediately! [Servants hurry
out the door to fulfill her orders. The Second Prince is slyly smiling at
the thought of all the trouble his brother is getting in with his parents]

[The Emperor and Empress walk through the rest of the rooms, muttering the
entire time]

Emperor: This used to be a nice and quaint place to stay. Now, it's all
dandified! Whose idea was this?

Empress: Who else could it be but that "precious son" of ours?

Empress: This room, however, is simple and plain. Whose is it?

Empress: I think you must be so angry you are not thinking clearly anymore.
This is our second son's room.

Emperor [approvingly]: Good. At least one of our sons has sense.

Second Prince: Actually, it isn't so much that my brother is decadent but
that he...

Empress [interrupting]: You don't need to keep trying to cover for that
unworthy brother of yours. Just wait until he gets home; I'll give
him a memorable tongue-lashing!

Eunuch Gui [walking in]: Your Majesty, the Crown Prince has returned.

[The royal family starts to walk out the door, with the Emperor and Empress
looking mad at the Crown Prince]

Crown Prince [looking sheepish]: Sire, mother.

Empress: On your knees! [The Crown Prince hurriedly kneels] You are the
Crown Prince! How dare you go to a brothel for entertainment! How do you
expect your father to feel comfortable bestowing the empire upon you?

Crown Prince: But mother. [Empress slaps him soundly on the left cheek then
roundly chews him out some more (can't translate it, but it doesn't sound

Emperor: I asked you many times to return to the palace, but you refuse my
summons. Now I find that you are off gallivanting at local brothels!

Crown Prince: I haven't been gallivanting all the time. I've also been
keeping track of local happenings and news to report back to you.

Emperor: Bullshit!

Crown Prince: It's true. You usually are in the palace, far away from the
things that are happening out here everyday. Because you are so busy, it's
next to impossible for you to understand what goes on here. I'm only helping
you, that's why I am always going out.

Empress: Hot air! Do you really think your father doesn't know your true
colors? I am warning you, if you go out and run around again, I will break
your legs!

Crown Prince [muttering]: You wouldn't have the heart to really do that.

Empress [gets even angrier]: What?!

[A soldier comes running in with an urgent letter for the Emperor. He kneels
and hands the letter over]

Soldier: Your Majesty, I have urgent news from the troops at Bienguan. The
Tujue have them surrounded.

[The Emperor hurriedly opens the letter and reads it]

Second Prince: Sire, now what do we do?

Emperor [to soldier]: Mobilize three of our armies. Have them meet at the
military camp for further instructions. [Soldier bows and hurries off. A
minor eunuch walks in and bows]

Eunuch: Your Majesty, Li Liang requests to see you.

Emperor: Li Liang? [Looks to Second Prince] He was responsible for the huge
losses we suffered at Hulu Valley. I thought I told you to investigate and
imprison him? Why is he free to run around?

Crown Prince: Sire, my brother did imprison him, but I let him go. I did,
however, temporarily relieve him of his duties.

Emperor: He almost caused you to join the invisible choir. Why are you
helping him? [To eunuch] Go arrest Li Liang and drag him here!

Crown Prince: No one must arrest him!

Empress: Bastard! Who are you speaking to? [Hearing the tone of her voice,
the Crown Prince hurriedly kneels down again]

Crown Prince: Sire, the Li family have always served us honorably and well.
Li Liang is a military mastermind. The loss in battle last time was all due to
my own errors, so please don't blame him.

Second Prince [kneels next to his brother]: Sire, my brother speaks the
truth. Please reconsider.

[Cut to waiting area. Mulan and Li Liang are waiting for an audience with
the Emperor. Li Liang is nervously pacing back and forth while Mulan is
standing still. The Crown Prince and a eunuch walk in]

Li Liang [saluting]: Your Highness, I hear that the Emperor is here.

Crown Prince: My Sire is here to see the current military situation. Who
knew that as soon as he entered Youzhou, the Tujue would attack Bienguan? I
don't know if they are intentionally trying to taunt my Sire.

Li Liang: I think you are right. However, I also think they are trying to
provoke the Emperor into going to battle himself.

Crown Prince: Really?

Li Liang: Your Highness, could you please ask the Emperor to restore my
commission so that I can organize my troops to attack the Tujue?

Mulan: Your Highness, I too want to go and attack the Tujue. Let me
accompany General Li into battle so we can teach these barbarians a lesson.

[Crown Prince nods and leaves]

[Cut to an inner room, where the Emperor has a temporary throne set up. Two
of his generals are there, awaiting instructions]

Emperor: These Tujue have repeatedly attacked us at Bienguan. We have
repelled one attack after another. We have already fought countless
skirmishes big and small. However, I think now is the time to defeat them
once and for all.

Crown Prince: Sire, are you going to fight yourself?

Emperor [eyes his on narrowly]: What's the matter? Is there a problem?

Crown Prince: Going in person is a very great risk. If something were to
happen, the consequences would be irreparable. I barely got out with my life
last time. Sire, please reconsider.

Emperor: Such conduct does not become a true man and ruler. I am the ruler
of this empire, and have been given this right by the gods. They are
protecting me from harm.

Crown Prince: But Sire.

Emperor: Enough! If I go to battle and the unthinkable happens, then it is
the will of Fate, and I have no regrets. [Turns to Second Prince] Go and
organize the troops for battle!

[Cut to barracks of Mulan's troops. Su Jili, Monkey, and Pudgy are fighting
each other. Mulan rushes in and separates them]

Mulan: What is the meaning of this?

[Jili, Monkey, and Pudgy all give their versions of what started the fight.
It seems Jili is still sore that the other two soldiers didn't help him
rescue Mulan. They continue to bicker until Li Liang speaks up]

Li Liang: Go right ahead and fight. If you kill a soldier, that's one less
person to worry about. If you kill a pair, then it's two fewer to worry
about. Go ahead and fight! [Sees they are suddenly quiet] Why aren't you
fighting? Your country needs you to fight her battles, yet you are fighting
each other. If you have so much excess energy, then use it in fighting the
Tujue! [Roars] Go back to your quarters and pack! Prepare to leave at a
moment's notice!

[Crown Prince walks in. Li Liang salutes him]

Crown Prince: I have already spoken with my Sire.

Li Liang: Excellent! [Turns to Mulan] Lieutenant Hua, pass the order to the
troops to strap on their armor and prepare to move out. We leave
in one hour!

Mulan: Yes, sir! [Turns to leave]

Crown Prince: I couldn't persuade my Sire to reinstate your old position. In
fact, he is taking away all your titles and positions. As for the troops of
Three Mile camp, he does not have a use for them in this battle.

Mulan [incredulous]: Your Highness, you mean...?

Crown Prince: My Sire also said that the troops of Three Mile camp cannot
perform as currently organized, so once the battle is over, he will split
them into other armies. General Li... [Speaks up when he sees General Li in a
daze] General Li, I have done my best.

Li Liang [absently]: Your Highness, thank you for your efforts. I will take
my leave now. [Leaves]

Mulan: Your Highness, I will also take my leave now. [Uses her head to
gesture to her troops to follow her]

[Cut to General Li's quarters. Li Liang walks in, with Mulan, Pudgy, Jili,
and Monkey behind him. He sits down on his bed, deep in thought]

Mulan: General Li, since we aren't being allowed to serve our country, then
we should just forget about it. It's the empire's loss if the Emperor does
not send us against the Tujue. [The other soldiers nod in agreement]

Jili: Exactly. That old fogy doesn't know quality when he sees it; let him
find out when he makes a fool of himself. [Mulan, shocked at what she is
hearing, drags Jili aside]

Mulan: Are you trying to get yourself killed by slandering the Emperor?
[Jili starts looking sheepish]

Li Liang [standing up]: We didn't join the army to curry favor with the
Emperor. We did it for the people of our country.

Mulan [dreamily]: How grand.

Li Liang: Our Emperor may not need us now, but our people need us now. The
army is up against the Tujue and all their wiles and skills. They have
provoked the Emperor into going into battle himself. If anything were to
happen to him, the effects would be incalculable to our country. Who knows
how many people would lose their homes, their families, and their
livelihoods? [Gets an idea] Hey, are you folks game to try something
reckless with me?

Mulan: Just how reckless are we talking?

Li Liang: Before the Emperor sets out for battle, we can take a jump on the
Tujue and deliver a decisive blow against their forces.

Pudgy: But we don't have any orders from the Emperor.

Li Liang: Orders? Why do we need orders? Do we need to have orders to serve
our country? Don't you want to prove to the world that the troops of Three
Mile camp are not as cowardly as the Emperor believes?

Mulan [getting in the spirit]: We troops of Three Mile camp are NOT cowards!

Monkey: I am willing to do something reckless!

Pudgy: So am I!

Li Liang: Good, then let's all be reckless.

Mulan: I'm sure that there are other troops from camp who are also
red-blooded warriors. Let me go and talk to them and get them to join us.
[Mulan leaves the room. Jili remains conspicuously silent. He turns away
from the other soldiers and tries to look nonchalant]

Li Liang: Su Jili, what's the matter?

Monkey [shoves Jili]: You're always harping about how Pudgy and I are
cowards and afraid to do what needs doing. Well, what about you? I want to
hear you admit that you are a coward!

Pudgy: Yeah! Say it!

Jili: Okay. "I am a coward." I can't be killed. but I am really scared of
pain, though.

Monkey [incredulous]: You're scared of pain? That's even more cowardly than
being afraid to die.

Jili: Fine! I can do whatever you sad excuses for soldiers can do. I can do
it better, too. I want to be the biggest reckless idiot in the world!

[Cut to field outside camp, where General Li's troops are arrayed at
attention. They are all carrying swords, wearing armor, and decked out in
black uniforms. Mulan is standing next to General Li, who begins to address
the soldiers]

General Li: When we attack the Tujue, it will be an extremely dangerous
maneuver. If anyone here has any personal affairs that need settling
(i.e.-families, wills, etc.), you can still back out now.

Troops: General Li, we are all united in our desire to fight this battle.
Our wills are written; we are ready to go against the Tujue and beat them
back to where they came from!

[Mulan and General Li look pleased at the spirit of their troops. A lone
soldier comes up in full armor. It's Colonel Yu]

Chenen: You aren't fighting the Tujue without me.

General Li [walks to Chenen and greets him]: Chenen! I'm glad to see you.

[Cut to Tujue camp. It is late at night and the Tujue are resting. All of a
sudden, flaming arrows fly through the air. Their tents are set on fire,
their soldiers scattered by the surprise attack, and the slaughter begins.
Everyone is busily fighting while Jili is sent to set fire to the food

Jili [to himself]: I must burn the food stores. I must burn the food stores.
But how do I pick the right one to burn? [Thinks a minute] Well, if I burn
all of them, that should take care of things. [Starts to set fire to the
food tents]

[Cut to battlefield several hours after the fighting has stopped. There are
corpses everywhere, the majority of which are Tujue soldiers and not Sui
soldiers. The Tujue Khan is walking through the field, inspecting the losses
to his army. In anger, he clenches his fist when he realizes what the
soldiers of Three Mile camp have done]

[Cut to Emperor's quarters. The Empress is giving him last instructions and
admonitions before he sets out for the battle]

Empress: Emperor, don't forget to watch yourself out there. Don't get
overconfident and cocky. You must remember to come back to your wife and

Second Prince [wearing armor]: Mother, don't worry. I will look after Sire
at all times.

Crown Prince: Sire, the Tujue are not as easy to defeat as you think.
Please, stay here in camp and do not go out after them.

Emperor: My generals already know that I am going to fight in person. If I
were to back out now, what would that do to morale? I remember that years
ago, I once deftly defeated their armies in only three months of fighting.
This time will be no different.

Crown Prince [protesting]: But Sire, that was years ago. You are no longer
young. Why insist on this?

Emperor [displeased]: What did you say? I may not be as young as I once was,
but I am also not a doddering old man!

Empress [hurries over to soothe him]: Emperor, the Crown Prince usually does
not think things through before speaking. However, I must agree with him on
this point.

Second Prince: Mother, as long as I am by Sire's side, you need not worry.

[Soldier comes in with urgent news]

Soldier: Your Majesty, I have great news! I went out just now and saw that
the Tujue have already retreated.

Emperor [smiling]: You see? I haven't even gone into battle yet, and the
Tujue have already run away as soon as they heard I was coming. Our army
cannot be defeated now.

[Another soldier comes in. This time, it's General Ho]

General Ho: Your Majesty, the Tujue have retreated. Originally, we had no
idea what had happened. But now, we know the truth.

Emperor: Really? What happened?

General Ho: The Tujue camp was burned and the troops were caught by a
surprise night attack. Their officers were killed and/or injured, so once
they were leaderless, their army had no choice but to retreat.

Emperor: Excellent! Tell me, which general is responsible for this shrewd

General Ho: Umm. we don't know. The soldiers who did the fighting were not
ones we had mustered for this battle. We are currently trying to find out
whose troops they are. We may never find out.

Empress [starts to pray]: Thank heavens, thank heavens. It must have been
soldiers sent from heaven to help the Sui empire. [Crown Prince starts
laughing, then hushes when his mother rebukes him] What are you laughing at?

Emperor: What is he laughing at? He's laughing at your ignorance. [Empress
starts to pout] How could it be troops from heaven? It must have been a
loyal and capable citizen with military ability, anxious to fight for his

Crown Prince: It must have been someone with superior fighting skills. It
must have been someone sent from above.

Second Prince: I disagree. I think it must have been a gifted general that
led these troops to victory.

Emperor: That's not good enough. I can't let these heroes live without a
name. I need to find out who they are.

[Cut to city street. There is a large wanted poster pasted on a wall.
Several people are craning their necks to try to see what it says. The ones
who can read are telling the ones who can't read what the bulletin says. It
says: "In the last battle against the Tujue barbarians, there was a troop of
soldiers who defeated them and forced their retreat. If these brave troops
step forward, they will be rewarded." (I may be missing some words, but I
think that's the gist of it). The people are excitedly discussing the recent
news and wondering who are the parties responsible for this great victory]

[Cut to the Three Mile camp mess hall. One soldier from another camp enters.
He is holding a stack of fliers that contain the same information as the
wanted poster described earlier. He grabs a wad of rice from the pot and
starts to smear it on the backs of the fliers to serve as paste. Monkey,
Jili, and Pudgy walk in]

Jili [grabs the soldier]: Hey, why are you wasting our rice?

Soldier: I am following the Emperor's orders to post these fliers in every
conspicuous place, including every mess hall. Here [shoves a stack in Jili's
direction] help me post them, will you?

[Jili grabs one and starts to read it. He gets excited when he realizes what
it says]

Jili: Hey guys, we can go claim a reward! The Emperor is handing out
rewards! [All his fellow troops are excitedly cheering. They all grab some
fliers and run off to post them all over the camp. Some of them burst into
General Li's quarters, looking for Mulan]

Jili: Boss! Where are you? [Notices General Li's quarters are empty] Hey,
where is General Li? [Looks around some more, then mutters] Why, those two
immoral people are off doing... [They troops head back outside to look for
Mulan and General Li]

[Cut to Mulan's quarters. She is packing items into a knapsack when General
Li walks in]

Li Liang: Are you ready?

Mulan [shrugging on her pack]: Yep.

Li Liang [grinning]: I'm giving you one more chance to back out now. Are you
still going?

Mulan [looks narrowly at him]: Cut the nonsense and let's get going.

Li Liang: Promise you won't regret this? If you stick around, you could
become famous.

Mulan: Boy, you sure are annoying. Get going! Go! [Shoves him out the door
and follows]

[Cut to a room in camp. Mulan and Li Liang are heading out when Jili and
company find them]

Jili: So, you two ARE together. What's with the packs? Are you going on a

Mulan [grinning]: We aren't going on a trip. We are leaving this camp
forever and starting our travels.

Monkey: You must be joking, right Boss?

Li Liang: Why would we joke with you? We've already lost our commissions.
What use is it to stay here?

Jili: But, Boss, didn't you see this flier? [Holds up the reward poster]

Mulan: That's the reason General Li and I decided to split now.

Monkey: Boss, aren't you and General Li going to claim your reward?

Mulan: Why should we? We only did what we were supposed to do; we didn't do
it for a reward.

Li Liang: All we did was serve our country. Why should that deserve a
reward? Besides, I've been in the military for many years now and want a
change of scenery. This time, the Tujue will think twice before attacking us
again. It will be a while before they are ready to come back for more. If I
don't leave now, then I don't know when the next convenient time will come.

Jili [comes to Mulan]: Boss, are you forgetting why you joined the army in
the first place?

Mulan: To serve in my father's place. Don't worry about that. I have already
checked with the draft board. It turns out that when I got involved in that
incident with the Tujue prince Tiele (an earlier episode), the Marshal put
on my military records that the Hua family is exempt from all future
military service.

Jili: I'm not talking about that.

Mulan: Then what are you talking about?

Jili: Don't you remember that you said you wanted to show your mother that
you could gain glory and honor for your family? This is the perfect
opportunity to shut her up! Why are you letting it slip away?

Mulan: If she looks down on me, then she looks down on me. I don't care
anymore. Beside, I'm not living my life for her. Why should I prove anything
to her?

Pudgy: Boss, aren't you going to regret doing this?

Mulan: If you are so worried about that, why don't you go to claim the
reward yourselves?

Jili: Where are you two going to go?

Li Liang: We have no idea. Our motto is, "the sky's the limit; have pack,
will travel." [Walks out the door]

Mulan [nodding in agreement]: Good day. [Turns to follow Li Liang]

[Cut to tavern somewhere in Youzhou. Li Liang and Mulan are sitting at a
table eating and discussing where they want to go]

Li Liang: Reading about places is never the same as traveling to those
places. Ever since I was a kid, I've wanted to travel and see the world.
Only, I've never had the opportunity to do it. Now, I can finally do what
I've always wanted to do.

Mulan: I had those same thoughts when I was a kid.

Li Liang: It would have been rather boring to go by myself. But with a
companion that is also interested in traveling, it is a lot more fun.

Mulan: Exactly. When traveling alone, there is no one to appreciate the good
and the bad things you come across on the trip. But, if you pick just anyone
for a traveling companion, you may not have anything in common. You would
end up worse off than if you were alone. Since I'll get to travel with
General Li, I'm sure I'll have a grand old time.

Li Liang: I'm no longer your superior officer. You don't need to call me
"General Li" anymore. Moreover, you can stop kissing up, too.

Mulan: I'm not kissing up. I'm telling the truth.

Li Liang: Have you thought about where you'd like to go?

Mulan [shakes her head]: No, I haven't. Do you have any suggestions?

Li Liang: I used to have a soldier by the surname of Shang. He had traveled
many parts of the world in his life. He told me many strange and unusual
tales of places he'd seen. He told me of a place in Liaozhou where you can
ride a boat downstream through a valley. There were thousands of monkeys
sitting on the banks and they would wave to you as you went by. [Mulan looks
on in wonder] And, in Qingzhou there is a place where if you look toward the
ocean, you can see an underwater city. On the southern side, there is a
small island that produces pearls. The largest pearls are as big as a rice
bowl. [Mulan gapes in astonishment] However, I never knew if he was speaking
the truth or pulling my leg. So, I want to go and see for myself.

Mulan: Cool! But if we go traipsing off to all these places, it'd take us a
minimum of a few years. Where are we going to get enough supplies to last us
that long?

Li Liang: We have our faculties about us. We are physically capable of
earning a living. Why should we worry about not being able to feed
ourselves? If we get hungry, we can go hunting in the mountains or fishing
in the streams. When we get tired, we can rough it, with the sky as our
blanket and the earth as our bedding. Isn't that even more fulfilling?

Mulan: And we can even see lots of stars, too.

Li Liang: Come to think of it, we should probably save up some money first.
I don't want to have to depend on hunting for all our food when we are in
the city. [Turns to Mulan] Are you done eating? [Mulan nods. They get up and
look for the shopkeeper to pay the bill. After paying, Li Liang asks the
keeper if they need any hired help. He says that he doesn't need anyone at
the moment]

Mulan [bouncing up]: Just give us a try. We are good luck charms. If you
hire us, I guarantee your business will increase and prosper!

Shopkeeper: No, I don't need anyone. Please leave!

Li Liang: Wait a minute, we'll work for free for one day. If you don't like
our work, we'll leave and you owe us nothing. Come on. We'll start right

Mulan: Alright!